Saturday, June 27, 2009

Week in Pics


It has been another great week filled with ELM and personal adventures:) They say a picture is worth a thousand here are about 20 to sum up my week!

The week started and ended like this:

Yuki REALLY liked it when I took my ice baths in the back yard with him. He was doing a serious happy dance:)

But Tesu had it all figured out...I wanted to be her this week...I felt like I could sleep all day too...but alas...

TODAY was a cool day. Sleep in bed...go to the farmers market (pics below)...go seek a Geocache that we have been wanting to find in our neighbourhood...

It was a 3 part MICRO cache and we found the first 2 no problem...we crashed through the wet bush in the pouring down rain for an hour trying to find #3 but we went home defeated! Lululemons are not meant for bushwacking in the rain...we will return...

Honing in on the GPS...

Tricky micro cache...

THE FARMERS MARKET is such a great place. There are sooooo many things that we can buy locally in the Valley and we really should make the most of it. The farmers market is a one-stop shop where you can pick up almost everything you need for a week of groceries. And there is so much yummy goodness there...

Some of my treasures from this mornings market hunt...

Friendly faces at the farmers market...

ELM's very own superstar Lo working it at the Seaview Gamefarm stall. I got a beautiful zucchini and some spicy venison sausage for Brad:)

TIME TO SMOKE SOME SALMON that Brad caught this week on the west coast...mmmmmmmm

In the brine...sweet, spicy and salty:)

ADVENTURE RUNNING on Thursday! was a blast! We went for a fun bonus run in between clinics and our small group handled the rain with style:) I got swayed into swimming in Allan lake by Lynn even though it was cold and grey out!
After dinner, the leaders went for Indian and Mama Bear Martinis at the Great Escape.
What? One dollar from every one of these martinis goes towards the Cumberland community forest society!

BOOTCAMP FRIDAY was super fun at Anderton Park...the sun was shining again and my mini-group got a good hard sweat on:)

BIKE RIDE FRIDAY was great too with buddy Dr. John! Up Forbidden from Nymph then down Green Dome...Gecko...home via Bears Bait etc...2hours good times.
I took this shot to help me make the KM MARKER SIGNS for my community project in conjunction with BC Hydro, Hancock, and the CVRD. The project is well underway and now I just have to get the signs made up and place them along the 18km loop! Sooooooon I promise!


Go Nikki Go (above)! She is kicking off the 7 day BC BIKE RACE tomorrow with her hubby Mark! GOOD LUCK AND GIVER!!!

Done and Done.

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