Sunday, November 30, 2008

Valley View 9km Hill Run

Check out the HILLY route that our Thursday night Need for Speed! group trekked through last week! Sooooo good!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

Run Forest Run

It has been a fabulous week of fun fitness adventures for me and for my clients. And there has been plenty of quality running going on this week! Check out the pictures below for a snapshot of what we have been up to...
Monday morning crew keeps warm with side squats on a chilly mornin...

Denise and Tania striding into the finish!

Lo running so fast she is blurry!

MORE PICS BELOW - BUT FIRST! Check out this line up of winter running races in the area to keep you movin' and a shakin'. You asked and you shall receive...

Jingle Bell Run:December 7th.

Fun for the family and runners/walkers at all levels. The Jingle Bell Run is sponsored by the CVRR and entry is $5 plus one non-perishable item for the local food bank. All cash and food go directly to the food bank.As usual, it is a poker run, with participants getting a playing card at 5 different locations. Make the best hand with someone else and win a prize.Coffee, hot chocolate, lots of draw prizes, warm beverages, and holiday atmosphere. Bring along your bells to ring through the trails. Lots of fun.
Start Time: 11 AM for the 7k, 11:15 am for the 3k.
Place: Seal Bay park (Bates Road Entrance)
Registration: Day of race 10:15 - 10:45 AM
Entry; $5 and a nonperishable donation for the Food Bank
For More Information Contact: Frank Graham 250-334-7721

Sprint the Spit! 10K Run & 5K walk
What: 4th annual "Sprint to the Spit"
When: November 29th, 2008 - 10K run, 5K walk
Where: Start/Finish on Beaufort Ave by the Comox Valley Lions Club. 10:00 a.m.

YETI Snowshoe race! Saturday, January 17th on Mt Washington
Click here to register.
Mount Washington is located 25 km west of the Comox Valley, 50 km south of Campbell River and 100 km north of Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island.The Nanaimo Ferry terminals are serviced from Horseshoe Bay and Tsawwassen on the Lower Mainland. Call BC Ferries for schedules at 1-888-223-3779 or visit To view a map click here.
Check-in & Race Day Registration:
8:00 - 9:30am at the Raven Lodge
Start Time:
5km and 10km
Cat track, single track, powder sections, hiking trails and some hills.
Weds Morning Crew at sunrise...
Lo, Laurel and Tania push through a circuit...
High Fives all around after surviving the session!

Have a wonderful weekend:)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dirt Divas

Pascale (left) and Barb at the Riding Fool Hostel bikewash in Cumberland.

What a great week! I keep saying this but...I can't believe how lucky we are with this weather! Just perfect for playing outside:) On Tuesday morning our Fall Bootcamp program wrapped up wtih a final assessment to chart the groups progress over the past 10 weeks. It was good news all around and the crew saw improvements in their overall strength, endurance and body composition. GREAT WORK! We will be carrying on next week for 2 weeks of Holiday Sunrise Bootcamp to raise $ for our annual hamper drive. We are sponsoring 2 families and every little bit adds up. Come out for 4 more workouts during December - suggested donation $10-15 per class with all proceeds going to our adopted families!
On Tuesday afternoon I took off for the XC trails of Cumberland with my good friends Pascale and Barb. We had a blast! Lot's of big mud puddles to stomp in and plenty of whoooo hoooos to shout as we made our way through the trails. We rode a fun classic loop: 2nJuice...Buggered Pig...Short and Curly...Shaker...Entrails...Soggy Biscuit...Mats...Space wash! Good times good times. After the ride I picked up some tickets for the Dehli 2 Dublin show at the Waverly this Saturday. I have always wanted to hear these guys and I think it should be a good show!
More to blog soon...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Womens Trail Running

We wrapped up our 10-week fall Womens Trail Running clinic on Monday with a fantastic run at Seal Bay Park and a Christmas cookie swap at Liz's home! We ran from the Fitzell entrance around the perimeter of the park on the Huband/Mitchell road aspect. Then it was down to the Bates road entrance and all the way home up the middle of the park. There is some great elevation loss/gain in Seal Bay and we always get a great hill climb at some point in our runs there. There are a few different entrances to the park - Hardy, Fitzell, Mitchell, Huband, Bates and more! Try starting at a new spot and you will experience the park in a completely new light!

The cookies were fantastic and we all left Liz's home with a mixed batch of Christmas treats to share with guests over the coming weeks and months. Want a real treat? Try these cranberry white chocolate and orange cookies this season...

Cranberry, Orange and White Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Preheat 350

1/4 c butter
1/2 c sugar
1/2 c brown sugar
grated zest of 1 orange
1 large egg
3 tbs orange juice
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 cups flour (try a mix of whole wheat and white)
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup fresh or frozen (unthawed) cranberries
1/2 cup white chocolate chunks or chips

Beat butter, sugar, orange, egg, orange juice, vanilla.
Mix dry ingredients other than last 2.
Add wet to dry until almost combined then add cranberries and white chocolate untill just blended.
Drop spoonfuls on non-stick surface...Bake 10-12 minutes until barely golden. Enjoy!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ELM Slideshow!

I managed to get the video onto the blog!! Turn up the volume and enjoy the memories:) We have sure had some good times over the past 7 years...



Sunday, November 23, 2008

7 Years of Fun Fitness Adventures


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. - Eleanor Roosevelt
Can you believe it? Already...7 years since I started ELM in 2001! Back then I dreamed about starting a company that allowed me to share my knowledge of fitness & health with individuals who were ready to reach for their own personal dreams. I wanted to provide that launching pad for those who wanted to reach for the stars. I wanted to motivate and inspire and ignite the spark that would light a fire big enough to burn a house down. I wanted to help you reach your dreams. And in allowing me to do so over the past 7 years I have reached my own dream. And you have motivated and inspired me every day of every year along the way- thank you! To all those who have inspired...been inspired...motivated and been motivated...and shared many fitness adventures over the past 7 years with ELM...THANK YOU!

This slideshow is dedicated to you!


Great Sunday Ride

Today was another great day. I only managed to accomplish 3 things:
1. Amazing Sunday Ride in Cumberland
2. Nap
3. Afternoon visit with friends

That's right...I didn't work...I didn't clean up after the Leader Party last night...I didn't do chores or get anything ticked off of my 'house project' list. A great day!

I was a weeee bit tired this morning after celebrating until after midnight with my wonderful leaders at the annual ELM staff partay. This year we had a fun games night at my home with a charity auction to raise $ for our adopted Christmas Hamper family. Everyone brought things from their home that they were happy to donate (read: regift ... dump run stuff ... etc) and cash to bid in the auction. 2 hours and plenty of good hard laughs later we raised over $240 for our family!!! A huge thank you to all of my wonderful leaders and their partners for coming out and supporting the cause at this years celebration. We had a great night:)

I put together a fun slideshow with music to celebrate ELM's 7 year anniversary and we got to relive some wonderful fitness adventures. I will post the video on Youtube asap and let you know when you can view it. Check back later and it should be up tonight or tomorrow.

Today's ride was great. I was late and the gang had already taken off up the road in Cumberland so I had my work cut out for me to try and catch them. I guessed that they were going all the way to the top and managed to catch them while they were taking a breather at the summit in the sunshine. What a day. What a view. What a great place we get to call home! Here is what we rode today for those of you who know the trails and want to try the route:
Up the road towards the summit...down the new Bucket of Blood (it has been rebuilt and has a slalom course with lots of table tops and little kickers:)...down Bear Buns (they connect)...across Sykes bridge...down Teapot...back up Steamdonkey...back up and over the bridge...down Broadway to the Perseverance bridge on the main logging road...down Spankers...home via Tied Knot (super fun with lots of snakes and ladders). 2 hours of fun!

I am going to be posting the January schedule this week so stay tuned for details on this Winters Fitness Adventures!

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The End of Fall is Near

Happy Friday!

This week we started wrapping up our fall Fitness Adventures with the 10th week of Womens Learn to Run and Baby Bootcamp sessions. Next week will be our final Bootcamp and Womens Trail running classes. Today the weather is very fitting and screaming "the end of fall!" right outside my window. We have been soooo lucky with the weather this fall so we are more than due for a few storms. After lush could our beautiful Valley be without winter rain?
I am excited about a couple of things right now at this very moment:
1. We have just kicked off our annual Hamper drive for our 2 'Adopted Families' and I am excited to have the opportunity to help spread the joy of Christmas to those in need. Each year ELM and Extreme Runners team up to support 2 families in the Valley...and we need your help! Starting this week you can drop off a donation at Extreme Runners or at your ELM classes - I have posted a list below of the items that we are collecting for these families. Please help us help those in need this Christmas:) In addition, I will be offering 4 Holiday Bootcamp classes to raise funds for our hamper families. Check the elm calendar for dates and times. Suggested donation $10-15...and everyone is welcome!

Sugar 2kg
Flour 2kg
Soup assorted
Canned Vegetables
Stuffing Mix
Cranberry sauce
Canned Salmon or Tuna
Jam or Honey
Peanut Butter
Spaghetti Sauce
Snack Treats
Toilettries: toothpaste, handsoap, shampoo etc...
Paper Products: napkins, toilet paper, paper towels...
Min $40 for perishables
Homebaking is a really nice touch:)
Gifts for the children. Please mark with age and gender of child
2008 Familes:
Couple with 1 male roommate and 3 boys: 12, 15, 17 years. (#36)
Couple with 1 by: 11 years. (#191)
Thank you for joining us in Sharing the Christmas Spirit!
2. I have just gotten off phone with Jane Hay- adventure travel agent extroidinaire- and a Peru hiking guide and I am busting at the seams with excitement about a trip that we have in the works...a BIG trip....a REALLY big the trip of a LIFETIME really. Interested? Check in your inbox for a short survey...really soon. Or just email me your answers to these questions:
1. Would you be interested in joining a 14-day Womens only trip to Peru that includes 7-8 days of trekking including the Inca trail and Maccu Piccu? If yes, please continue...
2. Would you be more interested in a fall 2009 trip or a 2010 trip or no preference?
3. Would you prefer August or September or no preference?
* Note all fitness levels are welcome. The trip will include a 4-6 month training program to ensure you are more than prepared for the demands.*
I look forward to hearing from you!!!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weekly Commitment


Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.

- Confucius

A huge pat on the back to all my personal training clients for digging deep, working hard and honouring your commitment to an active and vital life! Keep it up!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Biking and Baking

I am winding down from a fantastic weekend filled with buddies, biking and baking:)

I went for a great ride with Lene on Saturday out in Cumberland. We hit all the classic lower XC trails and then added a little climb up across Sykes bridge and over to the Allan Lake trails for a fantastic 'hammer' ride. On the homestretch while grinding through Spanker I hit a tree with my arm and realized that I was no longer wearing my arm pads...I had taken them off near the start of the ride to take off my jacket and left them on the trail! Ahhhhrrrr. So we rode up the road and hoped that they would still be such luck. Cursing myself, cursing the dirty thief and praying that perhaps a kind soul had actually picked them up and turned them in to the bike shop we rode out via the oh-so classic Broncos Perseverance.

We jumped into the van and were just leaving the parking lot when I spied a walker with 2 huskies and an odd leash set up... He had my arm pads wrapped around his dog leash between the 2 dogs! I JUMPED out of the van squeeling with joy and gave the dogs big pats to thank them (and the man) for bringing out my armour. Thank you hiker man! You racked up some serious karma credit that day:) I hope someone did something nice for you too:) Yippee ... lucky me!

On Sunday, today, (after a LATE Saturday night reminiscing with friends Cathy and Pete about our visit to Nicaragua last year **see footnote: rum**) I met up with my Rat buddies at Nymph for a fantastic 3.5 hour fall ride: Up Forbidden...down 2 Sheiks...Cabin Fever...Dirty Jane...back up Plunge...down Johns Trail...Cable Hill...Cliffe Ave...then through the mess of lower XC trails and home via the Bears Bait...phew! It was SUPER warm ... crazy for mid November! I had my new winter booties and winter gloves and was way overdressed (so nice ). I had a great ride for some reason...riding quite a few 'firsts' down steeps...over big logs and across skinny's. I think it is my new 'magic boots'. Well, I look like freakin Peter Pan when I wear them so there you go!

This afternoon I got to work on my Christmas baking and filled the house with the smell of chocolate gingerbread- all natural goodness! I am going on a family vacation on December 13th (think the Griswold's Mexican Christmas Cruise Vacation) so I need to get a head start...only 3 more baking weekends! Those who know me know that I love to bake and share homemade goodies with natural, fresh ingredients. I am a firm believer in Moderation...not deprivation... so go on...!

I am stoked for more riding this week (I would ride everyday if I could) and have started thinking about adding some bike races to my 2009 calendar as a way to challenge and push my riding. We shall see...this week I plan to plan my 2009 calendar...and I would love to do something new...stay tuned!

Happy Sunday:)

Friday, November 14, 2008


Hello and Happy Friday!

What a crazy beautiful day we had in the Valley yesterday! Seriously...can you believe our luck? The photo above was taken down at the Comox Marina Park right after we wrapped up our ELM Sunrise Fitness Bootcamp class. Unreal! Check out the snow on the CV Glacier...
Yesterday I awoke to a massive harvest moon hanging in the sky right out my window and the day just got better after that! An amazing sunrise, a blue sky day and dry night for our Need for Speed Running Clinic.
Last night at N4S we had Movie Night complete with popcorn! No, we weren't watching the latest blockbuster. We were reviewing our running gait analysis videos and breaking down our form piece by piece. Watching yourself in action is such a fantastic took for identifying and correcting inefficient running form. We all have room for improvement and after reviewing the videos everyone has specific form 'homework' to work on this winter. Frequently, inefficient technique is directly related to muscular imbalances that limit us in the 3 running phases (push off, flight and support). Winter is the perfect time to work on these imbalances through strength and flexibility exercises ... so that we start the 2009 running season more efficient!
How's my form?

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Happy Wednesday!

Last night I popped into the Ascent Physio clinic to meet the new Pre-Natal Fitness participants and snap some shots of the beaming moms to be. Kim Senechal, RPT, was leading the class through a functional circuit designed to keep moms fit and strong through their pregnancy. And even though the ladies were working hard it was smiles all around!
Pre-Natal Fitness Moms to Be!

Multi-station circuits...

Bicep Curls on the ball...

And, at last, it is stretch time...

After Kim wrapped up Pre-Natal Fitness, it was time for her to do the 'Injury Prevention Chat' for our Womens Learn to Run group. Rae Walsh and her participants had the opportunity to check out the physio clinic and ask Kim their injury prevention/treatment questions. After the chat, Rae and leader Alma led the crew through a great Comox run!

Learn to Run participants ready to rock!

Have a great week!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Is it Tuesday already?? Wow! My week has once again flown by me and I apologize for the lack-of-blogging! I have been working loads, playing lots and I got to spend the weekend in Victoria with my family!
One of my favorite things about staying with my sister, Dani, in Vic is that she lives right on the park (Beacon Hill that is). So, not only is her front yard a wonderfully landscaped park but she is within walking distance of pretty much everything. So, from the time I arrive until the moment I leave, my little car is parked and I am trekking around happily by foot. V. cool.
We did our usual Dallas Rd / Beacon Hill daily walks...had yummy family meals...went to my favorite restaurant Ferris'...and spent half of Saturday in the BC Museum re-kindling many childhood fun!
On Sunday I woke up to drizzle and grey skies. I had planned to make no plans for fitness over the weekend and wanted to put the focus on spending time with my family. But when I awoke my sister was still asleep along with most Victorians and so I pulled on my tights and crept out the door to see what the grey-sky-morning would bring. At first I planned to do a 30 minute loop - just enough to get my feet wet and get back home quickly before getting soaked.
I ran up to my Grams old place then around the Legislative buildings and past the Teahouse that we used to go to...and before I knew it the rain had stopped. I ran to Barbs Fish and Chips at Fishermans Wharf and around Shoal Point. I ran to Ogden Point and out to the lighthouse on the very end of the breakwater...and before I knew it the sun was rising above the clouds and a warm glow reached my face. A rave run was evolving right before my eyes!
I ran the Dallas Road path alongside a spectacular ocean and mountain view. I ran home to my sisters via the Cookstreet Village...passing many morning runners and dog walkers along the way. We all shared a secret smile - knowing that we had all enjoyed the same beautiful start to the day. Victoria IS really the most beautiful city to explore by foot...running, jogging, walking or rolling!
Stay tuned for some pics tomorrow from ELM's Pre-Natal Fitness and Learn To Run classes! I captured our womens only groups in action at Ascent physio tonight and can't wait to share the pics!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Change has been on many minds over the past days, weeks and months. This BIG word applies to our everyday lives and hovers over our goals, our passions and our dreams regardless of it's recent use as a powerful political catch phrase.

Change is a word that frightens some and excites others. The more frequently we experience change the less anxiety we seem to have about it.

Change causes a stress response in the human body- be it good or bad.

Change can be a great thing. Change takes us to a new reality and with that our human experience expands and we grow...and grow...and grow...

You can only learn so much in one place. The more
that you wait...the more time that you waste.
- From a song on my

I grew up in a life full of change. I moved more than 20 times before I graduated from high school and making new school friends every few months was fine by me- it was my reality. Change is nothing new to me and I have always found it exciting and one of life's great adventures.

But as I get older I find that change comes less often in life...and the less we experience it the less we are comfortable with it and open to it. I see now that change is actually an important part of life- one that ensures our continued growth through successes and failures alike.

Change. Try something new. Step out of the 'box'. Get out of your 'comfort zone'. Whatever you call it.

You might be scared of probably have a fear of the unknown. But you will laugh about those fears one day...once you have overcome them and reached a new plateau...climbed a new peak...crossed a new valley...or...??? Step out. Cause just never know.

Thanks for listening to my deep thoughts for the day. I don't really know where that came from but what the hell!

Happy Sunny November 5th day!