Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Is it Tuesday already?? Wow! My week has once again flown by me and I apologize for the lack-of-blogging! I have been working loads, playing lots and I got to spend the weekend in Victoria with my family!
One of my favorite things about staying with my sister, Dani, in Vic is that she lives right on the park (Beacon Hill that is). So, not only is her front yard a wonderfully landscaped park but she is within walking distance of pretty much everything. So, from the time I arrive until the moment I leave, my little car is parked and I am trekking around happily by foot. V. cool.
We did our usual Dallas Rd / Beacon Hill daily walks...had yummy family meals...went to my favorite restaurant Ferris'...and spent half of Saturday in the BC Museum re-kindling many childhood memories...so fun!
On Sunday I woke up to drizzle and grey skies. I had planned to make no plans for fitness over the weekend and wanted to put the focus on spending time with my family. But when I awoke my sister was still asleep along with most Victorians and so I pulled on my tights and crept out the door to see what the grey-sky-morning would bring. At first I planned to do a 30 minute loop - just enough to get my feet wet and get back home quickly before getting soaked.
I ran up to my Grams old place then around the Legislative buildings and past the Teahouse that we used to go to...and before I knew it the rain had stopped. I ran to Barbs Fish and Chips at Fishermans Wharf and around Shoal Point. I ran to Ogden Point and out to the lighthouse on the very end of the breakwater...and before I knew it the sun was rising above the clouds and a warm glow reached my face. A rave run was evolving right before my eyes!
I ran the Dallas Road path alongside a spectacular ocean and mountain view. I ran home to my sisters via the Cookstreet Village...passing many morning runners and dog walkers along the way. We all shared a secret smile - knowing that we had all enjoyed the same beautiful start to the day. Victoria IS really the most beautiful city to explore by foot...running, jogging, walking or rolling!
Stay tuned for some pics tomorrow from ELM's Pre-Natal Fitness and Learn To Run classes! I captured our womens only groups in action at Ascent physio tonight and can't wait to share the pics!

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Cindy said...

It those type of runs that keep me addicted. Thanks for sharing.