I am a proud ambassador for brands that share similar values with my own.  I am currently a brand ambassador for these rad businesses and I couldn't be happier to help them spread their messages to the world.  If you are a company with a message that speaks of health, inspiration, adventure and getting outside, then I would be more than happy to discuss opportunities to support one another!
Contact me at : sarahseads at gmail dot com

I am a proud ambassador for the following brands:

Motion Heat from Power in Motion

Essential gear for all of my winter adventures!  These heated products = freedom in the cold for me! Read more about these awesome heated wear products from Motion Heat.

Do you want freedom from the cold?  Receive 5% off your own heated wear, using my ambassador link and applying the following discount code at check out:


Lole Women

Beautiful clothes that stand up to my adventures!  

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Hornby Organic Energy Bars

Hands down, THE best, natural energy bars!  I am proud to support this local business and stand behind their delicious products 150%.  As an endurance athlete I need to fuel my body with quality ingredients and these are my go to bars for all of my adventures.  If you are looking for an energy bar that is made with simple, natural ingredients then you will love these.  Order online anywhere in Canada or the US, or visit to find a local retailer, near you.  

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