Monday, February 28, 2011

Coastal Trek

Good times at the annual ELM Snowshoe & Coastal Trek Lodge Event!

The snow was absolutely perfect for our snowshoe trek up Forbidden Plateau. Cold temps made for light powder and a beautiful fresh snowfall all around us. We snowshoed up to the entrance of Strathcona Park / Becher trailhead, enjoyed a sip of hot cocoa then trekked back down all the way to Coastal Trek Lodge.

At the lodge we were greeted with warm smiles, hot drinks and fireside appies. After a rejuvinating stretch session it was time for a soak in the HOT hot tub before dinner. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to relax and unwind - some curled up by the fire with a book, others chatting in the hot tub...the perfect mix!

Dinner was a healthy and absolutely delicious mexican themed meal created by Andrea herself. Black bean soup and fresh halibut with quinoa, black bean salsa and greens made for a beautiful meal. Topped off with homebaked carrot cake and chocolate covered strawberries by the fire and you have a fabulous evening!

This year, we had the option of staying over and making a mini-retreat of the event and one couple took up the offer. It was hard to leave them sitting there by the fire! Bet they had a wonderful night at the lodge:)

Cheers to the next ELM event...Womens Fitness Retreat in Tofino June 24-26!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Woah Winter

“Adventure is worthwhile.”
-Amelia Earhart

Long time no blog!
Been too busy playing in the snow and working on ELM's fun fitness adventures over the past couple of weeks to find time to blog. Over a week ago the Valley got hit with a good blast of winter and like the rest of Canada we are sitting in a deep freeze so the snow is still piled up and iced up here there and everywhere.

Mountain biking has you could say:) Every day is different and some days the snow was fun and fluffy but the past few days have been absolutely treacherous out there! Ice Ice Baby! Is this what it feels like to live in the prairies? Then I want to go back to the island man...

The best part about this arctic front is the BLUE sky and sunshiney days that come along with it. WOW. Doesn't it just make you feel GOOD?

Here are some pics from the past couple of weeks...

Running with ELM friends in the snowy trails... Did you know ELM Members are running on Monday mornings at 9:30 in Seal Bay Park? The benefits of membership go on and on...

Dog sitting super cutey-pie 'Half Sac' (don't get me started on that one), a blue heeler 8mos pup...loads of beach and forest walks!

Enjoying the company of this little guy...

Watching for the slow signs of spring! Here they come here they come!
I just posted all of our ELM Spring Fitness Adventures on the ELM website for is hard to imagine t-shirts and shorts right now but we will be rockin the spring gear before we know it!
Happy Trails!