Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Sunrise Bootcamp Workout for Inspiration!

Wednesday Wisdom and...


Another day in paradise:) 35 degrees everyday...swims in the lake...dips in the clear blue ocean...sand under my toes...sweat on my cold drinks...nachos on the deck...YES, Mexico has arrived in the Valley!


Don't ask what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you
come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. ~ Harold Whitman

AND...THE NEW ELM CYCLE JERSEYS ARRIVED YESTERDAY! Whooohoo they are super cool and super fast:) I tried mine out on my Weds night ride and man oh man is that 3/4 zip a bonus in this heat! With 3 pockets in the back and the sweet zip these jerseys rock! There are a few extras if you missed out on the first order...

ADVENTURE RUNNING tonight in Cumberland at 5:30pm! Hope to see you out for a fun XC run and maybe a dip in the warm waters of Allan Lake!


Monday, July 27, 2009

F.U.N. NIO at Nymph Falls!


A great time was had by all at this weekends Orienteering event at Nymph Falls Park! Close to 50 orienteers, including 20 summer cadets, completed the event which included 3 courses for different abilities.

It was the hottest day of the year so far, but luckily the park offered plenty of shade and the Puntledge river was open for a post course soak:). Finishers enjoyed refreshing watermelon and cookies while they cooled off in the shade and the river after sweating it out on the course.

There were a few critter encounters on the course : Mr. Bear decided to eat his fish right beside a control point ... and those darn Nymph falls wasps/bees were out to get some unlucky orienteers! Other than that, the event went off without a hitch and I was happy to be a part of it!

Draw prizes were donated by Extreme Runners and ELM and volunteers came from far and wide! A big thank you to all those who came out to support this event- non-profit, grass-roots, run by orienteers for orienteers:)

Some of my fav. pics are below. All the photos from the day can be found via the ELM Photo Gallery .

Orienteers are ready to start! There is Bryan Tasaka, MOMAR bossman, on the right. Ready to try his luck at orienteering!

Meet Director Leslie Dargie has it all under control...

The final control before the finish!

Uncle and niece have a great time on the short course!

Jen is all smiles after completing the long course! Woohoo! Great practice for MOMAR Cumberland!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday: Week in Pics

Peekabo Korky and Kathy! In the cabin on Cabin Fever above the Comox Lake Dam at our Thursday night Adventure Run!
ANOTHER GREAT WEEK (sun hasn't stopped bad can it be?). I have posted a few pics from our classes and adventures this week in Cumberland and at the Dam but you can check the rest out on our ELM Facebook page::
ORIENTEERING SATURDAY! Don't forget to come out to Nymph Falls on Saturday afternoon for a fun orienteering event for the whole family.
Starts go between 2 and 3pm and the course closes around 5pm so just turn up with $7 and you will get a map and a passport before heading out on the course to find your check points.
There are 3 course levels to play on and you will LOVE the scenery on your route!! It is a great park to play in with plenty of trails, beautiful swimming holes and scenic forests.
All participants will be entered into a draw to win some great prizes!!! Come practice your navigation skills and enjoy the afternoon with us on Saturday!
Come on out!
ADVENTURE RUNNING: Thursday night we went up up up into the mt bike trails above the Comox Lake Dam. My group made it all the way up to the old CABIN on Dirty Jane/Cabin Fever. GREAT WORK on the 4minute hill run speed intervals!!

Karen rips across a log bridge coming out of Cabin Fever...

Sharon Daly ready to lead us through a wonderful Yin Yoga class after our trail run...

RAT RIDE WEDS: My weekly rat ride (where I am not in charge and just play along with whatever the gang wants to do:) was up up up in the Cumberland trails. This shot is 3/4 of the way up the road to Bear Buns/Bucket. Not a very scenic clearcut but the view is fantastic! That is the Straight and the Coastal range in the distance.

SUNRISE BOOTCAMP TUESDAY/THURSDAY: These guys were troopers this week as I threw round after round of punishing crosstraining exercises at them. The scerery and cool morning air makes it all that much easier! Stay tuned for a little video from Thursdays workout...

I have a busy weekend filled with fun family and friends! Brads folks are coming out to visit, Leslie and I are setting and running the Orienteering course today and Saturday, and we are running 24k on Sunday with the ELM Endurance clinic!! F.U.N in the SUN!
Slop on some sunscreen ... it's gonna be a scorcher!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nothing beats a summer weekend...

Sorry this is all spread out...having technical difficulties...

ELM Leader Diana Olsen runs with arms wide to the cool waters of the Puntledge River after a wonderful 22k trail run with ELM.

Another day in paradise!

We have just had the best weather this summer on the Island! All week the sun was out in a clear blue sky and I made the most of it with bike rides, lake/river swims and trail runs...yippeee!

Saturday was another beautiful ride in CR Snowden trails with Pascale. We always seem to have drama on those trails...and this Sat was no different as Pascale got not 1 but 2 bee stings...with the second one right on her eyelid!! Eeeeesh....luckily I didn't see a single bee or wasp and my epi-pen stayed tucked in my first aid kit. Lots of nests out there this summer so watch out and carry benedryl just in case!

Sunday was a fantastic 22k trail run with the ELM Endurance Clinic along the banks of the Puntledge River. We did the classic 18k loop with a bonus 4 km addition to bring up the distance for our more experienced half marathon racers.

Simone and Ngaire are all smiles after completing their big Sunday run:)

The Puntledge River keeps us cooooool in the summer as we run in the shade of the trees along the rivers edge. We are so lucky to have so many amazing and stunningly beautiful places to run (and swim after:) in the Valley! Get out as much as you can and make the most of this perfect summer weather we are if you haven't already!

Cheers to a great week...and looking ahead to this coming weekends super fun event:

North Island Orienteering at Nymph Falls Park!!

Saturday July 25th 2-3pm course starts

Leslie Dargie and I spent this morning at Nymph Falls planning out this weekends course...and it is going to be awesome! The 3 courses will take you to some beautiful spots in Nymph Falls park, along the Puntledge River and beyond...

  • 1pm Instruction with moi

  • 5pm course closes


  • 3 Course Levels

  • $7

Be there!


PERU 2010

Eight wonderful ELM Women are confirmed and we are going to PERU September 2010!
There are only 4 spots remaining on this trekking trip of a lifetime and we think that it will more than likely sell out. If you or a friend are interested in coming with us on this 13 day Peru adventure then you should contact Jane at shortly before the trip fills up!
The complete itinerary and photo slideshow can be found on the ELM website . We will begin our conditioning program in March and our group training sessions next June...less than a year from now!
Yippppeeee Peru here come the ELM Women!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


NO JOKE. Look at the size of these raspberries from Seaview Gamefarm!! I had to make a batch of yummy raspberry almond muffins with these fresh plump berries this morning:
Raspberry Almond Muffins (c/o Anna Olsen)
1 cup rolled oats soaked in 1 cup boiling water
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup veg oil
2 large eggs
1tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp almond
1 1/3 cups flour
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 cups fresh raspberries
Mix wet, mix dry, mix together alternating with oats. Fold in raspberries gently.
Bake in greased muffin tins for 18minutes on 350.

TGIF I say!

Not that I actually count down the days until the weekend like some caged office worker might. I know how fortunate I am to fully ENJOY my job which most of the time doesn't feel like work at all.

My work flows into my life which flows back into my work and is carried along by my passion for all things health, wellness and fitness. My days are long but they are filled with inspiration, motivation, passion and loads of positive energy. No complaints here!

Regardless of how much I enjoy my work week there is always something wonderful about is like the last day of classes and the start of summer.

And I think it is just nonsense for anyone to be forced to work in an office on a Friday afternoon...well at least in summer on a day like today! So, place a dummy in your desk chair and sneak out the back door and go get some of that warm summer sunshine on your face I say!

Well, after I finish writing this that is what I am going to do (minus the dummy- cause I think I just busted myself as 'my boss' is writing this). I just received my new garden plan (YIPPPEE) from Cassandra at Black Rooster Garden Design and I am going to go for a walkabout in the yard and spend some time daydreaming about plants and water features and zen gardens...

Inlight of the recent cougar stalkings/sightings in the Comox Valley I thought it would be a good time to remind ourselves of how we can safely share the trails with all creatures great and small. Those who received the ELM newsletter this month will have seen my article on cougars, bears and ticks. Those who didn't can go to the ELM Facebook page to read the note!
Happy Trails,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednes-Thursday Wisdom:)

Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables (and fruit:). They probably get jet lagged just like people do.
- Elizabeth Berry

I got the best suprise when I got home from my Wednesday night ride last night... 2 flats of beautiful red raspberries from Lo at Seaview Game Farm!! Woooohoooo for island berries!
We really do live in a thriving agricultural valley that produces fantastic local food. This month, Our Big Earth is facilitating an Eat Real Eat Local challenge that has many people (including me) thinking more about the food choices they make.
We have all heard of the 100 mile diet and in theory it makes a tonne of sense and is a win-win for everyone: decrease greenhouse gases, feed your body with more nutritious food, support your local producers and connect with your community. No brainer really.
In reality most people are not going to go 100% local- BUT every local choice you can make will benefit you and your community/environment regardless of how small. So, start exploring your local options and you may be very suprised to find out that you can fill your fridge and create amazing meals with nearly all local food choices.
Think about how lucky we are to have a local cheese producer, a bi-weekly local farmers market, wild fish & free range meat, and even a winery for crying out loud!
See you in the berry patch,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekend in Pics

I had a fantastic weekend filled with friends, family and fun! One of my goals for the summer was to not over plan every weekend so that there would be room for freestyle ad lib adventure...and relaxing of course! I just realized that I am getting 3 weekends at home in a row this month! Here is what happens when I get a weekend at weekend in pics:


A good bye cake for our superstar leader Lisa who is moving to Saudi Arabia with her family next month! A HUGE adventure awaits her...

SATURDAY: Was back up to Snowden in Campbell River for more rippin and ridin on the 25k loop...just can't get enough! A good few hour ride with friends finished with a dip in McIver Lake! ...ooooops no pics!

SUNDAY was my kind of 'tryathlon'...

RUN 12k Nymph/Dam Loop with John Wall

BIKE the new and improved 'ConaCruncher' at the bottom of Mt. Washington with the rats...couple of v. fun hours and a few BIG climbs...

"SWIM" in Wolf kind of swimming involves flip flops, slowly inching my way in, diving after threats of being pushed in, and screaming like a little girl after the shock of catching my breathe! 2 minutes max:)

Loads of rats were out on Sunday...12?
Andy glistening after the first climb...

What will this week bring? More biking, running and swimming and some unknown adventures I am sure!
Have a great week!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Juan de Fuca video

Juan De Fuca Trail in Pics...

The weekend is here and I can't believe I haven't had time to post my Juan de Fuca blog has been a crazy busy week with the start of ELMs summer Fitness Adventures. Now that things are (relatively) under control I have had time to upload all of my pics from last weekend for you from JDF. I also shot some video so stay tuned for a little movie of our day on the trail.

The Juan de Fuca trail runs from China Beach (north of Sooke) to Botanical Beach, Port Renfrew, along the west coast of Vancouver Island. The trail is 47kms of classic west coast terrain including rocky and sandy beach sections, open cedar forest, ancient old growth timber, suspension bridges, ladders, boardwalks and countless river crossing that require descending and ascending up the other side. Although there are no long climbs, the total elevation lost/gained is over 2600m when all is said and done. That is a lot of up and down!

Cougar Stalking on Bevan Trail


This first hand report is from Jim Smiley of CVRR:

"While cycling the river trails I was jumped at by a fiarly large cougar near Palm Beach that, thankfully, stopped about 2 ft. short of taking me down. It then proceeded to stalk me down the trail from about 40 or 50 meters away as I tried to back my way out of there walking my bike. When I got around a corner I jumped on my bike and rode like I've never rode before the hell out of there, looking back over my shoulder all the way.

Be very, very careful running or cycling in the Puntledge River area. Obviously this animal is not intimidated by an adult on a bicycle. Run in groups and/or bring a dog with you. Better yet, use alternate areas until this cougar is caught."

Jim Smiley

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom

This weeks words of wisdom come from one of my superstar participants, Christine P, who moved to northern BC last year but still keeps in touch. Sometimes it is best to hear it from the people...

Hi Sarah,

I thought I would send you a quick email to let you know how my first half
went. I absolutely LOVED it! It was fantastic!! I ended up getting a bit tired
with 6km left. Once I saw the sign for 17km I turned it back on again and
ran hard the last 4km. I am addicted!!! I am hoping to do my next on Sept.
27th in Port Coquiitlam and Oct. 11th in Kelowna.

I owe you a HUGE thank you for all your help and especially for telling me
this was not a dream and that I could easily achieve running a half!
Thanks for being such a great inspiration!!! I hope you are doing
well. I have joined your facebook group to stay up to date with what you
guys are doing. I only wish there was a business here that offers the same
things you do!

Christine P

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Canada Day Snowden Ride

Well well well look what we have here... a little video I just spliced together from a WICKED ride last Wednesday, Canada Day, up in Campbell River with my bud Pascale.

We decided to explore the Snowden forest and were lucky enough to meet up with Kevin and Jamie - who put on the CR 50K Challenge race on September 6th. You HAVE to check out this race if you like flowy never ending single track heaven to run or ride!

They gave us a great map showing the 25k loop (the race offers single, team of 2, choose from run or ride for the 50k) and we had an absolutely stellar ride that day! You can get a copy of the Snowden trail map from the website or from Shorerunners site.

We had an AMAZING ride minus a huge gash on my shin after a freak accident when my bike went nutzo, pulled a Calvin and Hobbs and full on attacked me. Serious! I wasn't even riding it at the time! It was one nasty crush injury that left me thinking about our emergency action plan for the day cause I thought my leg was broken. But, luckily it wasn't and after the shock wore off we dragged my sorry butt back to the parking lot through another 15k of trail. It is super hard to suffer when you are riding such swwweeeet single track so all was good!

The route has a mix of everything XC has to offer...rock outcrops, lush west coast forest, winding mossy single track that goes on and on and on and lakes to cool off in! We are pumped on the trails and I will be riding that loop a few more times in the very near future...


Mark your Calendars...

PSSSST...I am giving you a SNEAK PEEK on something cool that is happening in the Valley this month...

Details are soon to be released about a new Orienteering Event in the Comox Valley on Saturday, July 25th 2:00pm start...Nymph Falls! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for details on this fun weekend!!


Monday, July 6, 2009

So much to Blog!

I have been having soooo much fun this week that there has been zero time for bloggin! I promise I will have a great update for you in the next day or two...complete with mountain biking and Juan de Fuca fastpacking videos!!
Stay tuned dear followers...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Niki and Marc just minutes after crossing the finish line in Cumberland : Day 3 of the 7 day BC Bike Race.

Every day is Canada Day as we reap the benefits of living in the most amazing place on Earth. If you are Canadian you know what I mean. Just turn on the 6oclock news tonight if you don't get it. Nuff said.

In Celebration of Canada Day (and because I have to go to Vic to check in with the 'VeinMan' surgeon) the ELM office will be closed until Monday July 6th.

BUT You can still register for your favorite summer program all week either online or by heading down to Extreme Runners 436 5th st.

Check out the July ELM calendar to find out where your first class is next week! I am looking forward to seeing you then!!