Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednes-Thursday Wisdom:)

Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables (and fruit:). They probably get jet lagged just like people do.
- Elizabeth Berry

I got the best suprise when I got home from my Wednesday night ride last night... 2 flats of beautiful red raspberries from Lo at Seaview Game Farm!! Woooohoooo for island berries!
We really do live in a thriving agricultural valley that produces fantastic local food. This month, Our Big Earth is facilitating an Eat Real Eat Local challenge that has many people (including me) thinking more about the food choices they make.
We have all heard of the 100 mile diet and in theory it makes a tonne of sense and is a win-win for everyone: decrease greenhouse gases, feed your body with more nutritious food, support your local producers and connect with your community. No brainer really.
In reality most people are not going to go 100% local- BUT every local choice you can make will benefit you and your community/environment regardless of how small. So, start exploring your local options and you may be very suprised to find out that you can fill your fridge and create amazing meals with nearly all local food choices.
Think about how lucky we are to have a local cheese producer, a bi-weekly local farmers market, wild fish & free range meat, and even a winery for crying out loud!
See you in the berry patch,

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