Monday, July 20, 2009

Nothing beats a summer weekend...

Sorry this is all spread out...having technical difficulties...

ELM Leader Diana Olsen runs with arms wide to the cool waters of the Puntledge River after a wonderful 22k trail run with ELM.

Another day in paradise!

We have just had the best weather this summer on the Island! All week the sun was out in a clear blue sky and I made the most of it with bike rides, lake/river swims and trail runs...yippeee!

Saturday was another beautiful ride in CR Snowden trails with Pascale. We always seem to have drama on those trails...and this Sat was no different as Pascale got not 1 but 2 bee stings...with the second one right on her eyelid!! Eeeeesh....luckily I didn't see a single bee or wasp and my epi-pen stayed tucked in my first aid kit. Lots of nests out there this summer so watch out and carry benedryl just in case!

Sunday was a fantastic 22k trail run with the ELM Endurance Clinic along the banks of the Puntledge River. We did the classic 18k loop with a bonus 4 km addition to bring up the distance for our more experienced half marathon racers.

Simone and Ngaire are all smiles after completing their big Sunday run:)

The Puntledge River keeps us cooooool in the summer as we run in the shade of the trees along the rivers edge. We are so lucky to have so many amazing and stunningly beautiful places to run (and swim after:) in the Valley! Get out as much as you can and make the most of this perfect summer weather we are if you haven't already!

Cheers to a great week...and looking ahead to this coming weekends super fun event:

North Island Orienteering at Nymph Falls Park!!

Saturday July 25th 2-3pm course starts

Leslie Dargie and I spent this morning at Nymph Falls planning out this weekends course...and it is going to be awesome! The 3 courses will take you to some beautiful spots in Nymph Falls park, along the Puntledge River and beyond...

  • 1pm Instruction with moi

  • 5pm course closes


  • 3 Course Levels

  • $7

Be there!


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