Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On the Road Again...

My cat, Tesu says 'hi'.

Those great words by Willie...I will be hearing live and in person tomorrow night in Victoria! So, tomorrow marks the start of a week and a bit off for me and we are beginning with a classic concert in Vic...should be good times!

I will be away from the office until July 8th so please don't fret if you don't recieve confirmation on your program registration until then. Summer registration is ongoing in the meantime so please sign up online or in person at Extreme Runners before the deadline on July 5th. I am definately looking forward to spending the summer playing outside with all of you!!

We will be taking the 'yacht' (aka tinboat) and camping and fishing for a week on the southwest Island and I am looking forward to reading my new book...The Time Travellers Wife that Arran got me for my birthday:) After that it is straight to Shawnigan for the MOMAR to see how all this rest and relaxation works in place of training...

Take care and I will see you all when I return!



Sunday, June 24, 2007

Snow up my shorts...

Whoa Nelly! I survived my 2nd Klimb and set a PR to boot! 3hours and 20 minutes to the finish means I somehow shaved off a few minutes from last year...hurray! Here is a summary of this years event...check out my last posting for a complete description of last years race-if you haven't already...

I had a fantastic start and picked up the pace on the first leg of the race this year-2.2km on the road. Knowing the racecourse gave me a much better perspective on when to push and when to hold back this time around. After last year I learned the there is really only 15-18 minutes of running time before the trekking begins so I took advantage and added a bit of spring to my starting pace. And I was able to hold my mini-running stride for a bit longer up the first incline...ran for 17 minutes this year...up from 15 last year! Then the trekking began...

Second leg was a big challenge as I battled a suprising flare up of an old injury in my lower legs. Too much stress on the calves and I found myself sitting on the side of the trail trying to bring my foot back to life...short term loss of function to say the least. A little freaked out as I was only 1 hour into the climb and could not stand on my right foot cause it was curled up inside my shoe. My priorities quickly changed from racing to safety and I pulled over to try and rest my legs...watching painfully as 4...5...6...8 klimbers scrambled past me. A little rest, an anti-inflammatory and a lot of water along with some relief in the terrain somehow allowed me to carry on and get over it. V.lucky there...but I had some catchin up to do...

One of my favorite parts of the course was again the steep almost verticle climbing where you need to use handholds and footholds to wiggle your way up the mountain. I just love that stuff! I think being small gives me an advantage on this terrain as I am already closer to the ground and scrambling up with hands and arms gives my legs a nice little rest...

Well, it didn't rain on us...IT SNOWED! That's right, my first race amongst dancing June of course. We encountered the prettiest white snowflakes just as we clambered up the first lookout-the pseudo summit. The place where first time Klimb Virgins always squeal with delight cause they think they are at the top...tee hee. This year I knew that this was the anti-summit and we had another 40odd minutes to go up still.

The snow pack arrived earlier and hung around longer in this years course so that meant more time slipping and sliding in the whitestuff. and easy to travel on as the surface is smooth and allows for fast movement without uneven terrain under your feet. Up UP UP to the summit and I checked my watch at the very top...I couldn't believe my eyes... 2hours:00seconds the EXACT same time as last years summit to the minute! CRAZY I could have sworn I was going faster...

I had a blast on the downhill sledding/luge course this year! Last year I was v. nervous using the ropes to travel down the snow as I was warry of gaining uncontrollable speed and sliding off into a crevasse or down a tree well for the remainder of my days. But this year I just GAVE ER on the snow and it was A RIOT! The snow was perfect for squat sledding and I just sat half on my bum and half on my feet with my hands at the sides for steering and it was GOODBYE! I was flying down that hill and squeals of joy were flying out of my mouth uncontrollably. I am sure it wasn't pretty to watch as I half crashed, half slid, half stumbled my way down the soft slope but it sure was fast! And v. funny to watch all the other klimbers discovering their own sledding techniques. I am sure this is where I made up my 4 minutes...and I have the snowrash on my but and thighs to prove it!

Numb and unco-ordinated kind of summs up how I felt transitioning from snow sliding to normal running once the snowpack gave way to the next section of trail. GUMBOOT, UP TO YOUR KNEES MUD greeted me on the edge of the snow and it was gross but actually kind of refreshing:)

The downhill course was just as visually inspiring and physically rewarding as I remembered it from last year...that wide open valley, the view to the bottom below...the lush green old forest service road...steaming piles of purple bear dung...the thigh high water crossings...and flowing single track trails fed life into my exhausted body. This year I had to work harder to maintain my pace on that long 13km downhill was a mental test as I talked my way through keeping up the pace every step of the way. Cramping on the way up and failing to hydrate to my optimum level in the early stages of the race added up to hard work on the final 8k of the race...still managed to pick off quite a few on the downhill and keep a fast pace per km but it was only through self talk...good thing my brain is a private forum not a public forum! The craziest things go through your mind out is a sample of random thoughts that are fit for viewing:
'I love you legs...thank you for taking me here...please keep going and take me to the finish...'
'Cadence cadence feet...relaxed feet...relaxed body...lean forward...'
'You are in a race...this is not a training go faster...'

Through these last kms I found myself completely alone with only the forest and trails around me. No one to chase, no one to run from-it was an internal game I had to play. V.good challenge for me.

The finish line came before I knew it and I was amazed at how quickly 3hours 20minutes can fly by. During the race I was totally inspired by the physical strength of the klimbers out there and amazed yet again by the natural beauty that surrounds us on VIsland. Get out there and check it out!!!

Post race:
Immediately: 2km walk to flush out legs (hydrogen not lactic acid)
30minutes: Stretched and had: Bagel with PB & J, Nanaimo Bar, Watermelon, WATER WATER WATER...Cheered on fellow racers and buddies...
2 hours: Shower (best one in my entire life) Banana PB Wrap, Chips and Salsa, Graham crackers, WATER+
4 hours: Awards...3rd place in my age category!!! Won a fabulous technical Kusam longsleeve shirt...Set a new course record for my age too...
5 hours: Napped in the back of my car:)
6 hours and beyond: yadda yadda:)

I am thrilled with how the race went and I am so thankful to have this body that allows me to klimb mountains and forgives me every time. I highly recommend this race as it is a personal challenge an amazing course and an inspiring event for all abilities, ages, shapes and sizes...First people in around people in around 12 hours...
See you there next year!
Pics to come...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Race Prep...

So, it's the final 2 days until the biggest race of my season...Kusam Klimb! Check this link out fmi and to read my grusam account of the 2006 event:)

This week I have taken my training volume down quite a few notches and I am in my lowest gear. My last hard run was last Thursday and since then I have been avoided impact by riding my bike and taking it easy. My pre-race week includes good sleeps, plenty of water and fresh whole foods, extra stretching and yoga. In addition I just had my usual pre-race acupuncture treatment with Michelle Hughes of Comox Valley Acupuncture:
Michelle's treatments always make a big difference in how I feel on race day. She balances out my 'chi' and helps balance the systems in my body in addition to improving the circulation in my legs...and I always leave the office feeling renewed, refreshed and ready for anything. A big thank you to Michelle and CV Acupuncture for helping me prepare for and recover from my races! (I was going to post of photo of the needles in action...but didn't want to frighten have to try it for yourself!)

So I am heading north to Sayward during the early hours on Saturday...I will post my stories upon my return! Good luck to all racers!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Yeah Team ELM!

The 2007 Relay for Life was a huge success and Team ELM raised over $2000!! Photos to come...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Relay for Life...tonight!

Luminary ceremony takes place at 10:00pm in honor of those who lost their lives and those who are currently battling cancer. You can purchase a luminary in honor or memory of a friend or family member and support the Relay for Life.

Tonight, June 15th from 7pm-7am we will be at Vanier Track in support of the Relay for Life. Please come down to say hello, join us for a few laps around the track and to visit our bake sale! Hope to see you there!

Summer Registration!

Registration is underway for our Summer Fitness Adventures! You can check out the upcoming programs and register by going to our website:
Check out some of my favorite places to play:

Adventure Running in the trails of Cumberland...

Bootcamp at the Marina Park

Hiking at the Comox Lake Dam...Tomato Creek!

Thursdays Adventure Run!

Thursday nights 'Adventure-Run' participants had energy left to jump for joy in this photo after running a wicked steep route from the Comox Lake Dam. Up up up they went!
On the way home we met up with some of the local yocals...a mama bear and her cubs! They were feasting on a dinner of berries in the clearcut adjascent to the 'suspension bridge'. Keep a heads up cause they're out there!
Email me for a map of our route

How I spent my birthday...

I had a fantastic birthday weekend and got to celebrate another wonderful year with my friends and family. Saturday was an epic run in the rain up 'Punisher' with my Rat-family. Over 2 hours of steep ascents and descents through magnificent forested trails starting and finishing at the turn off for 'Medicine Bowls':) Dinner at my favorite local restaurant-Toscano's was oh so good as always. Sunday allowed for a perfect mountain bike ride from Forbidden Plateau to Nymph Falls Park via a host of excellent downhill and cross country trails. 2.5 hours of pure fun:) Good times! I was having too much fun to take photos!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Mystery Yacht...

Down in Victoria last weekend we came across this enormous yacht at the inner harbour. Rumours were flying about Barbara Streisand. If this is your yacht be sure to let me know!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bootcamp Recruits!

Andrea and Scott looping back...

Lisa driving up the 'short but steep' hill.

Going 'off-road' on a beach run...

Power Push ups in the 'Ravine'
Seal Bay Park was so beautiful in the rain this morning! Lush tropical (temperate) rainforest protected us from the biggest rain drops. I highly recommend hill repeats in the 'ravine'!
Then there are the early risers...

The Sunrise Crew...

The Courtenay Riverway and the Airpark is even more spectacular at 6:30am! Our sunrise participants have a chance to enjoy the most beautiful time of day:)

Survival Cookies

These are called 'Survival Cookies' because they are packed full of energy. Mmmmmmm...
Thanks to Joanne from Adventure Running for this recipe (orginally from the Valemont Lodge).

1 cup butter
3/4 cup brown sugar (original recipe has nearly double this but I like less:)
2 eggs
2tsp vanilla
1 1/2 cup flour (original calls for cake flour but I used regular and they were yummy too)
3/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
2 cups large flake oats
3/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
3/4 cup pumpkin seeds
1 1/2 cup raisins, dried fruit (or chocolate chips:)

Mix wet...mix dry...combine...
Use 1/4 cup batter for jumbo cookies and place on prepared pan. Refigerate for one hour then bake off in a 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes. Enjoy

Monday, June 4, 2007

Busted my gut



It was a fanastic day to bust a gut in Victoria this past Saturday! Sunshine and mountain climbing...who could ask for more! Check out the website to view more photos from the race...

If you like what you see you should come down to Nanaimo for the 4th and final run of the series...
FRONTRUNNERS GutBuster 004Nanaimo, BC - Westwood Lake
SUNDAY, July 15th, 2007
Start: HALF at 9:00am & 8km at 9:30ammore info