Sunday, September 9, 2018

Lost Soul Ultra 100K 2018 : 'The HB' Project

A HUGE thank you goes out to every single volunteer and race organizer who helped put on this amazing event.  I've said it before, I have never been to a race with as much SOUL as the Lost Soul Ultra and you should definitely check it out for yourself!

Always amazed and super stoked to be able to run 100kms!

100K.  Never easy. Always hard.  And always beautiful:).  Running 100K always blows my mind and the body never ceases to amaze me with its capacity to endure.  This was a special 100K journey for me for two main reasons...  A freak calf tear took me down at the end of June and my body rallied just in time to sneak in 2 real weeks of running before the race-  so it was a huge gift to be healed just in time to make it to the start line!  And...this race was a special project for me to experiment with my body and mind with the goal of finding a way beyond  'The Heart Burn', once and for all.  Come along for the ride if you want to get inside my brain and body for a 100k lol!  Warning, this will not a short race report, but it will be a long one!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Raw Banana Lemon Pie

Make this right now.

It's been ages since I have posted a new recipe- but this one is too good to not share!

I discovered this great keeper, during a raw food ‘cooking’ class with Raw Rose many moons ago.  I've never met anyone that didn't fall in love with it and it literally takes minutes to preprae.  Enjoy!  Thanks Raw Rose!

Banana Lemon Pie (Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free)

3 cups pecans or walnuts
1.5 cups raisins
3 medium bananas
1.5 lemons
1-2 cups fruit of choice for topping.
Process nuts.  Add raisins until clumping.
Press into 9*9 pan. Grate lemon rind on top.
Coat sliced bananas in lemon juice and pour over base. 
Top with fruit of your choice.
*Try not to eat the whole thing!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Zone Intensity Training

Part 2/2


Now that you have ready Part 1 and have an understanding of how the body creates energy it is time to look at how you can tailor your training sessions to make these energy systems that you can do all of your favourite things faster, longer and without as much fatigue!  Enter...Zone Training.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Learn to Run...or Start Again!

Are you ready to run?  

*Watch for my FREE 10-week, Learn to Run Training Plan coming soon!*

This post is for all of the runners who are starting out...or starting again. I’ve shared this advice a lot lately...spring has inspired many of my friends and clients to begin running...or to begin again! I love the energy that radiates from an inspired human! Let’s go!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Amazing Energy Systems!

Part 1:2

See Zone Training next!

The human body is an amazing machine! We have multiple energy systems within our bodies that provide fuel for our activities so that we can run, spin, jump and play at a range of speeds and durations. Although we are always using a combination of energy systems to move our bodies, there are two main methods that your body uses to produce ATP (energy currency of the body!) Aerobic and Anaerobic. The actual processes involved to create energy so that we can move our bodies, are highly complex, but this overview will give you an idea of what your body is up to on those runs and rides;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hypnotherapy: My Secret Weapon

This is truly one of the most important posts that I believe I could ever share with you. It’s been a long time coming, sorry!

Hypnotherapy has significantly changed my life for the better. Since beginning Hypnotherapy over 2 years ago, I have used it to improve upon many different aspects of my life. I have used Hypnotherapy to overcome a phobia, destroy limiting fears and crippling anxiety, improve clarity, focus, relaxation, physical skills and strength, increase joy, love, happiness, belief and SO much more.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Video: Heart of the Wild

What a fun and challenging project this was to share with Mark Matthews! We had no idea what we were doing but when the host of the film festival asked us to submit a short 3-5min film as part of their community set, we jumped in of course! Mark did such an amazing job shooting and editing this first film and my adventurous 8 year old co-star, Taeia, stole the show. It is a fun story and we hope it inspires you to keep playing and living young at heart.

Our goal was to make something light-hearted and fun that inspires you to get out, explore nature, and remember what it’s like to be a child. While relatively lower in quality than a professional film, it’s high in style, and that’s what counts. If you really think about it, any media, whether music, photography, or film, isn’t so much about what you’re seeing and hearing, but rather what you’re feeling.

This idea for the film came about during a run. It was shot entirely with a GoPro and a stock Sony a6000 camera. Our lack of film making experience and equipment did not stop us from trying something completely new and challenging.


Mark Matthews- is a professional mountain biker from Vancouver Island. He’s developed a knack for highlighting exciting moments and inspiring others through his media projects and travels. However, he doesn’t consider himself a film maker and is usually in front of the lens, so this was a fun and challenging side project. You can find him on Instagram at @markymath.

Taeia Pendak- is a nature loving, artistic, yoga practicing 8-year old who loves everything to do with the outdoors. No "pretty" stone ever gets left behind and her ability to see beauty in everything is truly a gift.

Sarah Seads- is an adventure athlete, ultra-runner, global strength & endurance coach and a lover of all things wild. She is most at home when exploring and playing in nature and finds her bliss through connecting with the wilderness and sharing her adventures. Sarah’s mission in life is to spread stoke and inspire others to believe they are capable of reaching beyond the stars. You can catch her stoke over on Instagram at @wildseads

Cumberland, BC February 2018

We hope you enjoy our little film!  Happy Trails!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Sean O'Brien 100k Race Report

PC: Howie Stern Photography​

Sean O Brien 100K

They don’t call it the SOB for nothin;)

My oh my, did that SOB take me on a wild ride! I ran the Sean O'Brien 100k in Malibu State Park, just about a week ago and since then I have been immersed in a ‘Blissology’ yoga and meditation retreat at 1440 Multiversity…and now the race feels like it was a hundred years ago! I must say, spending a week doing yoga and blissing out might just be the perfect post race recovery plan. I’m sold, that’s for sure! The day after the race, I drove up the California coast to Santa Cruz and so I had plenty of time to reflect and practice gratitude for each and every one of my 100kms in the Malibu trails. I write my race reports for me, to journal my experience so that I can learn and grow but I also write them for you. If you are reading this, I hope that you find what you need here today- inspiration, inside course info, racing knowledge or a good long run without having to get dirty hahaha. I will do my best to keep this one short (er) and sweet tho, because, really, I have a yoga class under a giant redwood tree to get to lol;) (OK- I just finished writing and have to warn you that this one is NOT in fact short but I like to think it is sweet lol. Warning! Proceed with a heavy dose of procrastination in mind!) And so…

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Video: Winter Freedom with Motion Heat

Finally conquering the cold with Motion Heat!

Hello friends!
I am super excited to announce that I have partnered with Motion Heat (Power In Motion) this year as an ambassador for this awesome Canadian company.  Motion Heat produces the heated gloves (and now vests!) that I have come to depend upon for my winter recreation.  Those who know me, know that I not only run a few degrees cold, but that I also live with a condition called Raynauds which effects the circulation in my hands.  

I am stoked to let you know that I have a special discount code available for my friends, family and followers- that's you!  If you or someone you know, wants to be warm in winter, then please head online using this link, and the discount code below, to order your very own heated gloves and/or vest.  This special 10% discount will only be available until February 15th, afterwards, I will have a 5% discount for you. 

Click here to order
Then use this Discount Code to save 10% off until February 15th, 2018!


A few years ago, I discovered the Motion Heat battery powered gloves, after an absolutely bone chilling mountain bike trip where winter came early and snow hit us by surprise.  As usual with cold conditions, my Raynauds kicked up and I temporarily lost use of my hands, then ended up in tears of pain when the circulation returned.  Those who live with Reynauds will understand.  It is not about 'being cold', it really is a debilitating condition that can dramatically impact your life, recreation and activity choices.  It can also lead to long term disability if not managed correctly.  After that trip, my good friends all pitched in to buy me the Motion Heat gloves because they were tired of watching me cry in pain on our adventures.  I am so lucky to have such sweet friends!  

These gloves have literally changed my life.  In the past, cold weather severely restricted the activities that I could participate in and the Raynauds created a fair amount of anxiety during winter recreation.  No more! 

I wrote this unbiased product review after trying out the gloves (years before partnering with Motion Heat) and now I am proud to represent this company because they produce awesome products that I truly believe in.  The new vest, is a game changer too!  Now I don't have to wear 3000 layers when I am coaching outdoors- I can just wear one shirt and one jacket like a regular person lol!

Check out the video clip below and stay tuned for the full video coming soon...

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

4 Amazing, Short Trail Running Videos

Hello trail lovers!
Each week I look for inspiring adventure films to share with my Team ELM Online, and of course, to fill my cup and get me stoked for my own adventures;).  Every now and then a film comes along that sticks to your soul.  These 4 short films do that for me and I am sure that they will inspire you too.  There is no need to be a trail runner to feel the stoke that spreads from these...enjoy!

A Fine Line: Dave Macleod
Featuring my ultra buddy, Michael Tweedly, whom I had the pleasure of meeting on a long, bumpy bus ride back to Reykjavik following the Laugevagur ultra marathon in Iceland.

A Fine Line from Nevis Landscape Partnership on Vimeo.

Move. A (very) Short Film About Running: By Darcy Turenne
If you have't heard about Darcy yet, you will soon.  She is an uber talented film maker who is coming soon to a theatre near you.  Follow her for unique, inspiring content and stories that you won't forget.

MOVE - A (very) Short Film About Trail Running from Darcy Hennessey Turenne on Vimeo.

Wonderland:  By Salomon Running TV
Now you know why I play in the woods so much...see the forest through my eyes and the eyes of forest lovers:)  What a place to explore- this is a fun one;)

Trail Dog.  By Salomon Running TV
This is my all time favourite.  It fills me up and makes me cry every single time.  So simple.  But more powerful than you can imagine.  And the last line... soooooo good.

What are your favourite trail running films?  The ones that stick to your soul?  Thanks for sharing!
Happy Trails,

Monday, January 8, 2018

Video: How to Create a Vision Board

Happy New Year! 

I hope you are as excited about this year as I am:)  What does the coming year have in store for you? Well, that, my friends, is up to you:)

It is time to look ahead and create a clear vision for your future!  It is easy to get so caught up in the day to day that we fail to even take the time to ask ourselves what our vision actually is.  When was the last time you asked yourself any of these important questions:

What do you want to get out of this life?  Next year?  What are your priorities?  What are your dreams?  How do you want to spend your days?  What do you want to do with that amazing body of yours?  Where do you want it to take you?  What fears do you want to get cozy with so that you can say goodbye to?  What limits and edges do you want to expand?  What is your vision?

When we fail to get clear on our vision, we have no direction, no signs and no light to illuminate our path.  Taking the time to create a clear vision, puts our goals and dreams at the top of our list and demonstrates that we are ready to make them a priority.  That is only step one, of course;)  Step two, is creating an action plan that moves you in the right direction.  Step three is taking small (or huge!) steps every single week and even every single day, that lead you there.  

There are different ways to create visions such as brainstorming theme words, writing vision statements from the perspective of your future self (after realizing them) and creating a vision board.  These activities are more about the process, than the product, and taking the time to get clear with your future, will launch you miles closer to your dreams and goals.

I have created a short video explaining how I create my vision boards, to give you some inspiration to get started on your own. There is no 'right' way, other than to simply get started!  Here is what you will need:

  • Pile of your favourite magazines.
  • Poster board
  • Scissors/glue/tape etc.
  • Beverage of your choice:)
  • Fun with friends or solo, up to you!

Have fun!  Let me know how your own vision board turns out- send me a photo at .  Have a vision but not sure how to create a plan to get there?  I would love to help!  Check out my Online Training Plans or shoot me a message and we can brainstorm:)

How to create a vision board from Sarah Seads on Vimeo.

Sarah Seads
Practicing Kinesiologist :: Global Strength & Endurance Coach
Owner Equilibrium Lifestyle Management
Adventure Athlete @wildseads

Did you know I coach adventurers and
athletes all over the world in Team ELM Online? 
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Winter Fitness Adventures kick off January 2nd!  Come out and play!  Your first class is on us:)


Friday, December 29, 2017

How to Get In and Out of the Gym in 30-60minutes

When it comes to the gym do you: 
  • Avoid going to the gym because you don't think you have enough time?
  • Spend more than 60 minutes in the gym?
  • Wonder why the heck it takes you so long to get a full body workout in?
  • Want to know how to make the best use of your time to get results with your strength program?

If so...this post is for you!

Now, some people love the gym so much that they would hang out there all day, every day, and likely even sleep over if they were allowed. You see these people there every time you go, they are there when you arrive and still there when you leave (hey, that sounds like me hahaha).  Kidding!  Let's be serious...most of us want to get in and out of the gym as quickly as possible while still making the gains we seek.  We want to maximize our results and minimize the amount of time we spend getting them.  Am I right?  

I love to strength train and I do play in the gym for longer than an hour when I have the time.  But it is my passion, hobby and career, so I enjoy playing and experimenting!  Most of the time, however, I have a big list of other things I also want to do (multi-sport athletes always have another workout to do!) so I aim to get in and out of the gym in 45-75minutes.  I have learned many techniques for maximizing my gym time in the shortest amount of time and can easily get a solid, full body strength workout done in 30 minutes no problem.  There are many tricks and I want to share them with that you are more likely to GO and get those gains!  Here you go:

1. Gym 'like a boss'.  If you don't want to be there all day, make it your job to get in and out.  Put that focus at the top of your mind before heading to the gym and have your plan in place.  Know exactly which exercises, reps, sets and weights you are going for before you start your workout.  Having a progressive plan is the number one way to maximize your gym time!  Don't be that guy wandering around, wondering what to do and making it up as you go, if you want to be efficient.  Need help with this? I'm here for ya!

2. Make the most of your warm up.  You have to warm up correctly if you want to push hard enough to make gains without risking injury.  Period.  I use the rowing machine for 3-5 minutes because it activates the most muscle groups and prepares the entire body.  Then I do a warm up set of the main moves I am planning on doing that day, using a weight that is about 50% of my planned weight.  10 or so reps.  This ensures you are prepared fully and also adds a light set to your workout -bonus!

3. Always choose active rest between sets.  You will never ever ever see me standing still and watching the clock between sets at the gym!  Alternate between two exercises whenever you can to cut your gym time in half-literally.  This is the easiest way to shorten your workout time!  Choose opposing exercises to allow for greater recovery or similar ones if you want to make it harder with super sets.

4. Work HARD.  You don't have to do more than 2 or 3 sets of each exercise but you do have to work HARD and push your limits on each one.  Instead of doing 4 sets of exercises, do 2, but work to failure (just before form starts to crumble, not beyond that!).  One of the main reasons to keep a training log is to have numbers to beat each time you head to the gym.  Always make it your goal to increase something at your next workout- reps first, then weight or adding sets etc.  Your mission should be to try and beat your numbers!  When you are starting out, you will easily do this- bumping up your reps each week, then earning the right to increase the weight.  As you gain more experience and strength, it gets harder to beat those numbers every time, but the simple action of TRYING will boost your fitness and maximize your gym time.

5.  Forget isolation exercises.  If you want to shorten your gym workout, then switch your routine up to include exercises that use multiple muscle groups. Pick 6-8 big moves that either use a large amount of muscle mass (squats/the big lifts) and/or that combine upper and lower body patterns (ie squat to overhead press with dumbbells) to decrease the time and increase your results. Using cables and free weights is the way to go.  Avoid machines that lock you in, sit you on your but, don't activate your core or challenge your balance and isolate movements.  Functional, movement based training is where it's at!  Of course, if you want to break through on strength gains for specific muscles/movements, then you can add additional sets or high rep off day accessory exercises to increase the volume (time) that you are spending on these areas.  But we are talking about efficiency today:)  When I am in the gym I aim for 6-8 exercises and complete 3 sets (to failure - make it burn!) of the 2 most important exercises on my plan for that day and then 2 sets (to failure again!) of the rest.  Lower reps, and heavier weights, means less time in the gym so don't be afraid to progress to lifting heavy once you get your technique down.  

6.  Go in a disguise.  Put your ear buds in and pull your hat down low if you want to get in and out quickly!  If you want to socialize, then that is great too, but spending time chatting will add to the time you are in the gym.  If efficiency is your goal, then keep moving, smile and catch up with your peeps another time.  I am the queen of this...and maybe I don't come across as the most friendly gym goer because of it...but I can knock off a killer workout in 45 minutes so I don't mind!

7.  Good tunes.  My secret weapon!  I listen to my favourite, high energy tunes that keep my feet moving and my focus on HIGH.  Tunes definitely help me rock my workouts in record time.

8.  Put down your phone!  Scrolling, taking selfies and posting to instagram will double the amount of time you spend in the gym...I might be speaking from experience:).  Put your phone on airplane mode and lift like a boss!

There is more to rocking your strength gains then efficiency tips tho...check out my article on Transforming your Body to get into it further!

What are your best tips for maximizing your gains and minimizing your gym time?  Thanks for sharing!

Go get dem gains!

Sarah Seads
Practicing Kinesiologist :: Global Strength & Endurance Coach
Owner Equilibrium Lifestyle Management
Adventure Athlete @wildseads

Did you know I coach adventurers and
athletes all over the world in Team ELM Online? 

Insta: elm_health 
Call:: 250-338-8998

Friday, December 15, 2017

Client Stories: "My Life Is Immeasurably Better..."

My thanks to Sarah, for creating a holistic fitness education program that encompassed eating, sleeping and moving and for being the first person who told me that my injury wasn’t going to finish me. - Karen Cummins

Health, belief and 'stoke' are all extremely contagious.  I know that you will be inspired by Karen's story, so I asked her to share a bit of her journey with you all.  She has inspired me with her belief, enthusiasm, willingness to learn and dedication to her new lifestyle and longterm health.  Well done Karen.  I am beyond grateful to have crossed your path and to have the chance to support you on our journey.  I can't wait to see what you do next!

1. What obstacles did you face when beginning your new fitness program?

I had some fear around not being athletic or skilled with gym equipment. Would I be able to do what was expected? I have never really liked the gym environment so wasn’t looking forward to that. I didn’t know how I was going to make the time at first.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What's Your Plan?

BIG goals, deserve GOOD plans!

Goals, dreams, passion, energy, excitement...all key ingredients in creation of performance and success!  But...what is the best recipe?  What are the steps to take, the moves to make and the cues of when to make them?  A training plan is like a recipe for your goals.  Without one, you are left flying by the seat of your pants, with a loaf of bread that didn't rise and wondering where it all went wrong;)

  • Have you started training for a goal with enthusiasm, only to quickly feel the wheels come off and lose your focus and motivation?
  • Are you unsure if you are doing the right training type, amount, intensity and frequency to reach your goal?
  • Do you bounce around between ideas and plans, making things up as you go?
  • Do you get injured, burnt out or frustrated with lack of results?

Monday, October 30, 2017

Perseverance Trail Run 2017 Race Report

Image: Deb Karlstrom

The 13th annual Perseverance Trail Run was a huge success this past Sunday with 475 registered racers, more than 70 volunteers and hundreds of supporters coming together to raise funds for the Cumberland Community Forest Society (CCFS). Following the race the CCFS hosted a fun, community ‘Party in the Park’ featuring live music by DJ Lady K and the Luke Blue Guthrie, a tasty BBQ, craft beer, kids scavenger hunt, screen printing and more. The CCFS is a local society working to purchase and protect forest lands in the Cumberland area. Over the past 12 years the Perseverance Trail Run and After Party for the Forest have raised well over $500,000 for the CCFS.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Lost Soul Ultra 100K Race Report

Well that was a wild ride! 

I've got a 100k hangover but I wanted to jot down my race report while it is still fresh in my foggy brain:).  Spending the weekend eating in bed haha so I've got lot's of time to write.  Here goes!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Time to Persevere!

Vancouver Island Peeps...


Registration is filling up for the 13th annual Perseverance Trail Run, taking place on Sunday, October 29th in the Village of Cumberland! This years race will once again feature two classic trail run courses: A 3k Cross Country Romp and an 11k Mountain Run. The 3k XC Romp showcases the protected Cumberland Community Forest trails including a few ups and downs, twists and turns and maybe even a little water. This course is perfect for those looking to sample cross country running, including walkers and the little ones. The 11k Mountain Run is for those looking for a running challenge complete with steep climbs, flowing descents, technical single-track and breathtaking vistas. If you are ready to challenge your trail running stamina, this course will surely take you to new 'heights'.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Getting High in Colorado: Trans Rockies Run 2017 Race Report

Team ELM TRR 2017! L-R: Marion Bryan, Lynn Swift,  Erika Spearmann, Lisa Perry, Crystal Mather and Coach Sarah

These girls tho. I am so honoured and proud and beyond grateful to have shared this journey with these amazing, strong, resilient women. Big mountains and thin air are no match for these big hearts and magic smiles. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey and to support you as your coach and friend. My heart is full of love and you have inspired me more than you will ever know.💕Way to kick ass up high with those strong sea level legs, girls! You da best!

Team @elm_health rocks 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Should I Exercise In This Wildfire Smoke??

Are you wondering if it is safe to exercise with so much smoke in the air from forest fires around British Columbia?  You are not alone!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Solo Camping Safety Tips

Hi friends!  Please read entire post and share with your friends who solo adventure!

✨S O L O✨
There is magic in solo adventure.   Peace, presence and free flowing introspection.  I have solved nearly all of my life problems on a long solo walk or jog about in the wild.  Peace lives on these solo journeys, for me.  Sometimes we want to be in solitude and other times we just cant find a buddy to join us, but either way, solo adventure is a big part of life for many of us.  As you read in my recent post, last week I had a close call with violence while camping in the Hampton campground in Manning Park and although it was a terrifying experience, I also see it as a gift.  This close call is a chance to prevent something worse from happening to us and others in the future and an opportunity to learn and share.  I am a very safety conscious adventurer and as a rule I go above and beyond managing risk and putting 'safety first!'.  But I was caught off guard by the sense of security I felt camping in a well established Provincial Park.  I got a serious reminder to keep personal safety at the top of the list in all scenarios.  I want to share the solo camping safety tips that I usually take and a few more that I have since added to my toolbox.  Please feel free to add any that I have missed or that you use as we can all learn from each other.  These apply for all solo adventurers but also small groups in certain situations as we were targeted even in a pair.  There are risks in all walks of life and we can only do our best to manage them.  Put your safety first and then you can relax and have fun!  
•Carry personal protective equipment with you: Bear spray, knife, whistle and communication in an easy to reach spot.  Carry an inReach or other satellite communication device where there is no cell coverage. Keep your car key/panic alarm on your person when near your car and others are in the area.  Carry a personal alarm (screamer) on your person when away from your car.
•Camp in areas with other campers wherever possible.  Get to know your neighbours. Sleep in your car if you are even remotely uncomfortable.  Do not ever wear earplugs while sleeping when camping.
•Contact the campground in advance to find out if there is an onsite attendant, security or others camping in the facility.  Do not assume.
•Never assist a stranger in the night or in a secluded area (a call for help, broken down vehicle, hitchhiker etc).  Protect yourself first, go for help and send it back.
•Make a scene/noise if you are even remotely concerned about your safety- to alert others that may be in the area.  Panic alarm on your car key, screaming, whistle, loud crazy voice, bright light etc. Resist the urge to freeze!  
I also believe learning self defence is an important and very empowering tool to add to your toolbox if you don't already know how to fight.  
Always let someone know your plans and update them if you change them, and set up a regular check in (once a day if possible) if you can.

Believe in the goodness of humans, live free, run wild, do not live in fear...but always put your safety first.  Hugs and happy trails, friends!