Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Video: Winter Freedom with Motion Heat

Finally conquering the cold with Motion Heat!

Hello friends!
I am super excited to announce that I have partnered with Motion Heat (Power In Motion) this year as an ambassador for this awesome Canadian company.  Motion Heat produces the heated gloves (and now vests!) that I have come to depend upon for my winter recreation.  Those who know me, know that I not only run a few degrees cold, but that I also live with a condition called Raynauds which effects the circulation in my hands.  

I am stoked to let you know that I have a special discount code available for my friends, family and followers- that's you!  If you or someone you know, wants to be warm in winter, then please head online using this link, and the discount code below, to order your very own heated gloves and/or vest.  This special 10% discount will only be available until February 15th, afterwards, I will have a 5% discount for you. 

Click here to order
Then use this Discount Code to save 10% off until February 15th, 2018!


A few years ago, I discovered the Motion Heat battery powered gloves, after an absolutely bone chilling mountain bike trip where winter came early and snow hit us by surprise.  As usual with cold conditions, my Raynauds kicked up and I temporarily lost use of my hands, then ended up in tears of pain when the circulation returned.  Those who live with Reynauds will understand.  It is not about 'being cold', it really is a debilitating condition that can dramatically impact your life, recreation and activity choices.  It can also lead to long term disability if not managed correctly.  After that trip, my good friends all pitched in to buy me the Motion Heat gloves because they were tired of watching me cry in pain on our adventures.  I am so lucky to have such sweet friends!  

These gloves have literally changed my life.  In the past, cold weather severely restricted the activities that I could participate in and the Raynauds created a fair amount of anxiety during winter recreation.  No more! 

I wrote this unbiased product review after trying out the gloves (years before partnering with Motion Heat) and now I am proud to represent this company because they produce awesome products that I truly believe in.  The new vest, is a game changer too!  Now I don't have to wear 3000 layers when I am coaching outdoors- I can just wear one shirt and one jacket like a regular person lol!

Check out the video clip below and stay tuned for the full video coming soon...

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