Wednesday, January 10, 2018

4 Amazing, Short Trail Running Videos

Hello trail lovers!
Each week I look for inspiring adventure films to share with my Team ELM Online, and of course, to fill my cup and get me stoked for my own adventures;).  Every now and then a film comes along that sticks to your soul.  These 4 short films do that for me and I am sure that they will inspire you too.  There is no need to be a trail runner to feel the stoke that spreads from these...enjoy!

A Fine Line: Dave Macleod
Featuring my ultra buddy, Michael Tweedly, whom I had the pleasure of meeting on a long, bumpy bus ride back to Reykjavik following the Laugevagur ultra marathon in Iceland.

A Fine Line from Nevis Landscape Partnership on Vimeo.

Move. A (very) Short Film About Running: By Darcy Turenne
If you have't heard about Darcy yet, you will soon.  She is an uber talented film maker who is coming soon to a theatre near you.  Follow her for unique, inspiring content and stories that you won't forget.

MOVE - A (very) Short Film About Trail Running from Darcy Hennessey Turenne on Vimeo.

Wonderland:  By Salomon Running TV
Now you know why I play in the woods so much...see the forest through my eyes and the eyes of forest lovers:)  What a place to explore- this is a fun one;)

Trail Dog.  By Salomon Running TV
This is my all time favourite.  It fills me up and makes me cry every single time.  So simple.  But more powerful than you can imagine.  And the last line... soooooo good.

What are your favourite trail running films?  The ones that stick to your soul?  Thanks for sharing!
Happy Trails,

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