Saturday, October 31, 2015

What's in my pack?

I've wanted to write this post for a while.  After my last big run adventure I dumped out my pack and this is what fell out...

This is pretty much the kit I take on all of my long single day adventures.  The Salomon skin 5 vest allows me to cram a tonne of gear in and it just gets more comfortable the more full it is.
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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Kinesiology Week!

ELM's Kinesiologist's are practicing members of the BC Association of Kinesiology.  Kinesiology is the 'study of human movement' and requires a minimum 4 year University degree program to practice in Canada.  Learn more about Practicing Kinesiologists in British Columbia by going to the BCAK website.  Be sure to ask your private health insurance provider if they cover Kinesiology services.

What the heck do Kinesiologists do anyways?

Kinesiology Services Include:

  • Functional Movement Assessment- identify functional imbalances and weaknesses that may be causing pain, effecting daily activities or limiting athletic performance.
  • Corrective Exercise- prescribed exercise to correct functional and postural imbalances with the goal of returning to optimal function.
  • Personalized Training - Every session combines the art of coaching with the science of Kinesiology for advanced one on one training for individuals from all walks of life. Sports specific, functional training, nutrition and weight management coaching for 'every'-body. One on one or Partner Training.
  • Injury Rehabilitation- Functional Assessments and Exercise Therapy for motor vehicle (ICBC), sports injuries, post-op clients and other sub-acute and chronic conditions.
  • Workplace Wellness - Ergonomic Assessments, Assessments and Program Design.  See our Workplace Wellness Services for all of the details.
  • Fitness Assessment- Biomechanical Running Analysis, Aerobic Fitness Testing, Strength, Flexibility and Body Composition Analysis.  More...
  • Online Athlete Coaching Services-training for a specific running, cycling or other endurance adventure?  Check out ELM's Athlete Coaching Services.

    And much much more!

Please contact ELM for more information or to get started today!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Perseverance Trail Run 2015 Race Report

Image: Lorenz Jimenez

The 11th annual Perseverance Trail Run was a huge success with more than 300 racers, 70 volunteers, a huge team of sponsors and countless supporters coming together to raise funds for the Cumberland Community Forest Society. Once again, an anonymous donor will be matching 100% of the proceeds raised for the CCFS and the race was followed with a special After Party for the Forest including a massive silent auction and raffle. The CCFS is a local society working to purchase and protect forest lands in the Cumberland area. The total raised from 'Perseverance Day' was $131, 784!!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Need for Speed starts this week!

 Do you have a Need for Speed?  

NEED FOR SPEED!  Starts this Thursday!  12-weeks of coached running sessions that will help you reach your 2016 running goals.  Let's do this!

Equilibrium Lifestyle Management's (ELM) annual ‘Need For Speed’ running clinic begins Thursday, October 29th. This clinic includes weekly coached training sessions designed to improve technique, speed and strength as well as education and support in creating a personalized training plan for the coming year.

Runners who think that more mileage and longer hours are the only ways to improve often end up frustrated or sidelined with injuries. Making small but specific changes in strength, flexibility, technique, and program design will help you reach a new level of performance and without nearly as much effort.” Sarah Seads

Friday, October 23, 2015

Videos: Weekend Film Fest!

It's about time for another weekend film fest and I've got trail running on my mind!  I wonder why?  Here are 3 great trail running films to get you inspired for this weekends Perseverance Trail Run!

Happy Friday!

Wonderland: Gary Robbins Run Around Rainier.
Intense and inspiring, this short documentary, from the Ginger Runner and Pace Films follows Canadian Ultra Runner, Gary Robbins, on his quest to destroy the FKT on the Wonderland Trail.  

Finding Traction: Niki Kimball's FKT attempt on the 273 mile 'Long Trail' in Vermont.  Will she make it?  You will have to watch the film to find out!

Fast and Light - Salomon Running TV S04 E08 

And now...for the sheer love of trail running...

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hike to Flower Ridge

 Have you been to Flower Ridge in Strathcona Provincial Park?'ve got no excuses now...

I have written about Flower Ridge before- after my first trip up to this magical trail in the Park.  That day, Kim and I did a great ultra training run on the Ridge, covering 32kms of gorgeous alpine singletrack and falling in love with the route in the process.

Head over to The Outbound Collective to read the entire trip report and create your own 'bucket list' of adventures!

Hike to Flower Ridge

With a name like Flower Ridge, who wouldn't want to add this hike to their bucket list?
The Flower Ridge trailhead is located approximately 26kms down the Buttle Lake Parkway, towards Westmin Mine, in Strathcona Provincial Park. A classic Island alpine approach, you will be more than warmed up after the first few minutes. It is straight up through calf searing vertical terrain, but the views will distract you from the burn. Steep out of the gates, the trail gains 1200m in 5kms to reach the ridge. On the way up, the trail is sheltered in an ancient, peaceful forest, with giant trees and a green shag carpet.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hiking to Marble Meadows

Last month, I finally made my way up to Marble Meadows, on one of the last warm weekends of the year.  This area of Strathcona Park has been on my list for a while now and I was stoked to get the chance to scout it out.  Check out my trip report on The Outbound Collective, along with my other adventures and recent articles.  Not on the Outbound yet?  Well, you best get on over there my friend!  Set up your own profile so that you can read, save and tick off your own adventure 'to do' list on this awesome online collective.  Hope to see you over there!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Forest Fairy Strikes Again!

Here is an update from the Cumberland Community Forest Society!

Cumberland Forest Fairy Strikes Again!

The Cumberland Forest community is throwing an epic fundraising party on Sunday October 25th and the whole Valley is invited to be part of making history!  The 2nd annual Perseverance Party for the Forest takes place Sunday October 25th (following the Perseverance Trail Run) from 1- 6 at the CRI Hall in Cumberland.

The Cumberland Forest effort has attracted special attention from a very generous Forest Fairy! This Fairy has agreed once again to match 100% of funds raised through the Perseverance Trail Run, Perseverance Party for the Forest, Perseverance Raffle and all other activities that are part of the October 25th celebration! In 2014 this resulted in over $147,000 in fundraising in a single day and organizers and supporters are ready to do it again! 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Race Report: MOMAR Cumberland 2015

Perfect day for an Adventure Race!  Image: Dave Silver

Wow.  What a great day.  MOMAR Cumberland was another fantastic event complete with a rad course, rad people and an uber-rad team mate:).