Monday, July 30, 2012

Client Profile: Back on Track

I work with individual clients from all walks of life, who have a wide range of goals, dreams, limitations, schedules, lifestyles, body types and personalities.  Time-squeezed parents, candle-burning professionals, age-class athletes, weekend warriors,  mid-life mortals and those rehabilitating from motor vehicle accidents, surgeries or acquired brain two people are the same.   The only things that remain the same is everyone of them has goals that keep them moving forward and that I am inspired by each of them every single day.  

Obstacles and struggle and challenges are the norm.  Times of low motivation, schedule changes and unexpected life situations are, well, to be expected.  We all face challenges along the way.  It is how we choose to deal with these challenges, that determines the quality of our lives.

I would like to share some of my client stories with you as a way to motivate and inspire you as you create your own.  Sometimes, just knowing that someone else is working through the same things that you are is enough to help buoy you up.  I learn something from my clients every single day and  I would like to share some of this knowledge with you.  Watch for more client stories on the blog in the future.

Client Stories: Back on Track

Client profile:  Female, mid 50's, retired, new grandmother.  Compounding health conditions stemming from Fibromyalgia.  Loves to garden and walk/hike.  Goals: decrease pain, increase mobility, functional abilities.  Lose body fat, maintain lean body mass. 

Q: You made significant changes to your body composition and lost 11 pounds over the last 3 months!  How did you manage to make such significant changes?

It was made a little easier when others in my family joined me in making their own commitment to change. We don't all live in the same house but made the pact to keep in touch and encourage each other. We also choose a date a month down the road where we decided that we would go out and have a fancy meal and celebrate our first month success... The goal was to go a month without cheating - no sugar, no white stuff (bread etc) and no alcohol. Just clean eating... After that month we would go to one meal a week where we would have that glass a wine and dessert maybe.

Q: What strategies kept you on track?

I used an app on my phone ( and kept track of everything I put in my mouth. We all talked and emailed each other about what we were eating.. we exchanged recipes.. kept telling each other how much better we felt. I did keep thinking about that dinner date a month down the road and wanted to feel successful when that night came. I used my Clean Eating magazine as a good guide to what kinds of foods to eat and what a day of clean eating should look like.

Q: What did your nutrition plan look like?

Ate 5 - 6 small meals a day. Half way thru the 3 months - I actually cut wheat and a few other things out of my diet as I had been to a Naturopath physician and found out I was sensitive to them. I noticed quite a difference when I did that. It also caused me to eat more vegetables in place of the grains. I was working with the ND on healing my gut as I had been on many antibiotics in the past few years (taking probiotics etc.) Made sure I was getting enough fibre each day and healthy fats.  I love chocolate - so I ate a little square of organic dark chocolate every afternoon.

Q:  What obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them?

I have some physical limitations - so my workouts were modified.  But I just kept telling myself that every little bit helps. I may have been limited in what I could do physically.   But I did work within those limits regularly. And it worked :-). Proved to me that you don't have to be out running miles etc. to see changes in weight and overall fitness.

Q:  Any advice for others who are struggling to reach their weight loss goals?

You don't have to starve yourself... you need to eat often and eat good healthy foods. The most amazing thing about eating well is how you feel. Yes - you can lose weight too - but the difference in how you feel is powerful.   Food - the right food has so much power to improve our health. Get help if you need it from a professional - find a friend to join with you in your goals.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What is Better than Chocolate?

Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls!

Yup, that's right folks.  I finally realized that I could make my homemade Larabars (aka Sarah Bars) into my favourite flavour combo...Chocolate & Peanut Butter!  It only took me 5 years, but it was worth the wait;).  The base for Sarah Bars (or balls if you like spheres:) is usually almonds and dates, but it changes to peanuts for this recipe.  You can find a bunch of tasty variations in my little cookbook, NRG Foods that will move you! from Apple Pie to Banana Bread and Chocolate Cherry.  The sky really is the limit.  But now...drum is the recipe for my new favourite flavour...

Monday, July 23, 2012


“I’ve never been lost, though I will admit to being confused for several weeks.” - Daniel Boone.
We are offering our popular Orienteering and MOMAR 101: Adventure Race Training courses this Saturday, July 28th. Orienteering 101 runs from 10:00-12noon followed by MOMAR Adventure Racing 101 from 1:00-5:00pm.

More and more people are heading to the hills and looking for an escape off the beaten path. Recreating in the bush and exploring new trails requires a solid but basic base of orienteering and map reading skills. ELM's orienteering clinics will offer important skills for both novice and intermediate navigators.
Orienteering 101: is an introductory course designed for individuals who want to learn the basics of orienteering and discover how to use a map and compass correctly. No previous experience is required for this great course that mixes theory with fun orienteering exercises.
MOMAR 101: is for new and experienced Adventure Racers who would like a comprehensive workshop covering adventure racing and navigation skills needed to successfully complete a MOMAR race and other one day adventure races.

Space is limited in both workshops & the registration deadline is July 25th. FMI or to register go to or call 250 338 8998.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Salomon Test Ride Event

 Last night the Salomon demo fleet arrived in the Valley like a pack of wild animals on an African safari.  Zebra stripes, wild colours and dirt chewing tread- these sneaks were ready to run free!

J.P., the Salomon rep for BC, was in house at Valhalla Pure last night for a fun Test Ride event.  It was a great opportunity to learn more about the latest trail runners in the Salomon fleet and to take them out for a short run!

After J.P.'s tech talk I took the group of test riders down to Simms Park for a little trial run on different surfaces and pitches.  It was an awesome way to get to know the differences in the shoes and see which ones fit the best.  Just like a good wine tasting...the best way to find your flavour is to try a few side by side!

 We were testing out 3 main shoes- the XT Wings Lab, the Speedcross3 and the XRMission.  Three completely different shoes with very different applications.  I loved them all of course:) .  And now I have a pair of shiney new Speedcross3's on the way...

Good times!  Thanks so much JP for coming up with the Demo Fleet and great swag for the test riders!  Big thanks to Valhalla for hosting and offering the ELM Members an awesome shopping discount and prize draw!

Happy Trails;)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back from Nootka Island

Hola Amigos!
Been a long time since the last post...You know that Johnny Cash Song?  "I've been everywhere man"... that is what it feels like:)  Busy busy- no time to blog! 

We took off for a chillaxin holiday to Nootka Sound a couple of weeks ago and catching up is hard to do after an escape off the map...but oh so worth it:)  We had an amazing time and I was thrilled to check out another area of the island that was new to me.  Nootka Sound was beautiful- in the sun and the rain:)  We spent hours fishing, reading, walking, chilling:)  Half way through we did an epic out and back on the Nootka island trail in 2 days and took things from zero to a hundred in no time flat.  Wowza!  That was epic! 

We had our little boat so we just tied up at the south end of Nootka Island in Yoquot/Friendly Cove then went up and back on the trail.  That ain't just any old trail- especially with a fully loaded overnight pack of 40-50 pounds!  Sure there is a good path there (better than I expected from the reports) and sure they have placed some sturdy ropes at about 6 or 7 climbing sections 40 foot rappel with a 40 pound pack on anyone?)...but I don't think anyone actually maintains the trail.  An old growth tree falls across the trail and it is staying there...and you are climbing up and over it (with your giant man eating pack).  A river washes across the trail and no one is building a bridge for you- you are swimming through it (carrying your ridiculously gigantic pack).  You get the idea...rugged, steep, supernatural...flipping awesome!  I would say as risk goes- it is pretty high.  Because it is rough and there is absolutely no cell coverage and only very few road access points.  Only one I think.  But man oh man if you want to get off the beaten track and explore Canada's rugged west coast- this is the place to do it:)  Beautiful and epic!

Not sure why or how but we ended up hiking 35kms north over 10 hours on the first day to reach Calvin falls then return to Beano creek to camp.  Then we did 15k (ish?) and 5 hours back to Friendly Cove the next day.  We cut our trip short and made it super condensed because the rains came...we got out just in time:) 

Check it out.  If you like raw adventure you will want to make this trip:)  Beautiful!

And now...back home...running running running, riding riding riding...summer is finally here!

I have had a few big days in sneakers and on the bike with friends and solo...dirt, views, water, swims, laughs, homemade energy bars and balls (new recipes to come!).  Here are some pics of my favorite views along the way... more blogs to come soon...lots of fun stuff happening!

Get outside (and don't forget the sunscreen:)