Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back from Nootka Island

Hola Amigos!
Been a long time since the last post...You know that Johnny Cash Song?  "I've been everywhere man"... that is what it feels like:)  Busy busy- no time to blog! 

We took off for a chillaxin holiday to Nootka Sound a couple of weeks ago and catching up is hard to do after an escape off the map...but oh so worth it:)  We had an amazing time and I was thrilled to check out another area of the island that was new to me.  Nootka Sound was beautiful- in the sun and the rain:)  We spent hours fishing, reading, walking, chilling:)  Half way through we did an epic out and back on the Nootka island trail in 2 days and took things from zero to a hundred in no time flat.  Wowza!  That was epic! 

We had our little boat so we just tied up at the south end of Nootka Island in Yoquot/Friendly Cove then went up and back on the trail.  That ain't just any old trail- especially with a fully loaded overnight pack of 40-50 pounds!  Sure there is a good path there (better than I expected from the reports) and sure they have placed some sturdy ropes at about 6 or 7 climbing sections 40 foot rappel with a 40 pound pack on anyone?)...but I don't think anyone actually maintains the trail.  An old growth tree falls across the trail and it is staying there...and you are climbing up and over it (with your giant man eating pack).  A river washes across the trail and no one is building a bridge for you- you are swimming through it (carrying your ridiculously gigantic pack).  You get the idea...rugged, steep, supernatural...flipping awesome!  I would say as risk goes- it is pretty high.  Because it is rough and there is absolutely no cell coverage and only very few road access points.  Only one I think.  But man oh man if you want to get off the beaten track and explore Canada's rugged west coast- this is the place to do it:)  Beautiful and epic!

Not sure why or how but we ended up hiking 35kms north over 10 hours on the first day to reach Calvin falls then return to Beano creek to camp.  Then we did 15k (ish?) and 5 hours back to Friendly Cove the next day.  We cut our trip short and made it super condensed because the rains came...we got out just in time:) 

Check it out.  If you like raw adventure you will want to make this trip:)  Beautiful!

And now...back home...running running running, riding riding riding...summer is finally here!

I have had a few big days in sneakers and on the bike with friends and solo...dirt, views, water, swims, laughs, homemade energy bars and balls (new recipes to come!).  Here are some pics of my favorite views along the way... more blogs to come soon...lots of fun stuff happening!

Get outside (and don't forget the sunscreen:)

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