Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve Run

I am wet. I am cold. But I am smiling.

Flashback about an hour and a half ago and it was a different scene entirely. I was dry. I was warm. And I had a scrunched up grimace on my face. Standing and looking out into the fading grey light of the last afternoon of 2009 I was faced with a very uninviting sight. Rain. Loads of rain. Rain coming down sideways and in sheets at the same time.

Of course I was procrastinating my run. Who wants to go outside in that? I had put off my run all day in order to wrap up work projects and tidy up loose ends before the year expired. But it was 3pm and it was now or never with fading daylight. So, there I stood in front of the living room window with that little grimace.

But I had to go. There was no option. It was New Years Eve for crying out loud! Days like this were made for celebrating with a run and my mind was made up already. Ear buds jammed in, collar snugged up, hat pulled down I walked out into the storm.

I won't lie, the first 10 minutes was no bueno. I was cold and could feel the rain running down my neck. But after that things changed minute by minute.

I warmed up, loosened up and got into the rhythm of my easy run pace. Checking the heart rate monitor to keep my speed down, scrolling through they iPod to get the right groove on, and dancing with the puddles to keep my feet dry... I ran.

Then something amazing happened. The light changed... and it moved me. The sky didn't open up or throw a rainbow at me- no it was much more subtle than that. You know that WOW lighting when the sky almost seems back-lit, the air around you appears to glow, and the landscape seems to be highlighted somehow? If you have experienced this WOW lighting then you know exactly what I mean. If you haven't, then I suggest you go outside on rainy grey-sky days more often.

My world changed for that one moment and a heaviness that I didn't know I was carrying was lifted off my shoulders and thrown up into the sky. Funny thing is, I wouldn't have felt that way if I hadn't started out in the rain. From grey to was a wonderful feeling.

About half way through my run I decided to pull out my earbuds and shut off the tunes. I wanted to hear my thoughts. New Years Eve brings many thoughts to my already buzzing brain and I wanted to let them flow un-interupted.

It was only then that I heard the rain and wind dancing in the shrubs and trees and leaves around me. It was a beautiful sound and my ears opened up to grab more of the same. I became lost in my senses - smell, sound, sight, and touch as I jogged along the winding forest trails of my neighbourhood. I was completely in that moment and again I was filled with wonder, happiness and peace, really.

This is my tale of change. In life we are constantly thrown curve balls when we least expect or seemingly deserve them. There will always be low times. BUT take solace in the thought that life is ALWAYS changing and before you know it your sky will light up and you will see the world in a new light. Even on those dark days, your world can change in an instant.

Keep on keepin' on (as my Grandma Lily always said:)

Cheers to 2010!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Live, Laugh, Love

It really is that simple:)

Hola Amigos!

I am back from holidays and now I am in desperate need of some rest! The 7 day Christmas cruise with Grandpa and all the grandaughters was crazy-ridiculous-fun and I was totally exhausted by the end.

I managed to stick with my running program on the ship as it had a full gym and outdoor running track on the upper deck. Awesome views during my runs up there! I was missing my bike and the beautiful west coast forest like CRAZY by the end of my holiday, however:)

I will post a video of the track at the end of this blog fyi:)

After the cruise I was home for a day then we flew off to Kelowna for the Christmas holidays. It was SO relaxing and fantastic to come down to earth from the insanity of the cruise. I had some great runs in the hills of Knox Mountain park and finally got to put my 'subzero' sugoi running gear to the test! Minus 10 and FREEZING! I had my speedskater hood AND a toque on and could not feel my chin:) Crazy cold there...don't think this Island girl would survive an entire winter out there!
Now it is back to my wonderful reality.

Having a moment to pause during holidays gives me some breathing room and allows me to take stock of what I have and where I am in this crazy life. I like that.
I am getting stoked for 2010 and you can bet I will have some New Years thoughts to blog about over the next few days...
Back to work this week...but a short week will allow us all to ease back into things:))
A HUGE thank you to all of you who voted for me in the 2009 Get Out There Magazine People's Choice Awards! I am still flying high on your praise:) Thank you thank you for your amazing support!

Running at sunrise on the Royal Caribbean 'Mariner of the Seas'...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Voted #1 Personal Trainer in Western Canada!!

I have just received some very good news:)

Get Out There Magazine has just released their 2009 People's Choice Awards and I have been voted the Top Personal Trainer in Western Canada!!

I am thrilled! When I got the call from GOT magazine
I was completely shocked because I had no idea they were even running the
competition. To be voted number one by the 'people' is such an
honor. I have been walking on cloud nine ever since I found out!

I love what I do and feel very lucky to work in a field
that is also my life passion. My clients inspire ME every day and I am so
grateful for the opportunity to work with such amazing individuals.

Check out the latest issue of GOT magazine at:

Wootwoot toot toot!!
Cheers and Merry Christmas!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Heading South


I am packed and on my way to L.A. where I will set sail with my family for a cruise to Mexico:) Fish tacos and warm water swims here I come!
The office will be closed until December 23rd when I return for a day before heading off again to Kelowna for Christmas.
Winter registration is ON while I am away, however! Go to to find all of the info you need to sign up for your favorite Fitness Adventure with ELM this January!
Want to pick up a copy of the new cookbook: NRG foods that will move you before Christmas? Contact Liz at and she will make sure you get one!
Happy Holidays!
Hasta Luego Amigos!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

NRG: Foods that will move you!

Exciting times at ELM this week!

New Website, Cookbook and ELM Customer Appreciation Night all came together for Friday evening making it one busy week! We pulled it off and here are the details!

NRG: Foods that will move you!
You asked for it and now you can have it! All of my secret recipes are OUT and you can create your own mobile NRG for work or play!

The cookbooks will be available:

  • Next Friday, 3-5pm, Dec 11th Comox Mall by the Liquor Store. Come down and see us and you can try some sample recipes from the book!
  • In the Comox Valley: before Next Friday, Dec 11th by Emailing ELM at I will arrange to drop one off to you this week before I head out of town for the holidays.
  • Online via the ELM store later this week! You will be able to order your own copy to be shipped OR as an e-book to be downloaded on your computer as soon as the ELM online store opens for business. Stay tuned!

ELM WEBSITE! New site online NOW!

CUSTOMER Appreciation Night!

We had a great time mixing and mingling with ELM and Extreme Runners family on Friday night. And at the end of the night we drew 2 names for our big winners:

PAGAN MACKAY 10 week running or hiking clinic with ELM

CARLENE STEEVES pair of running shoes from Extreme Runners!!

Contact us to pick up your prize!


December XMAS Light Runs!

  • Tuesday: 5:30pm, Extreme Runners... 6km flat run to Farqueson road lights!!
  • Thursday: 5:30pm, Crown Isle Resort Parking lot... 8-10k HILL run to check out the best lights in the Valley!!
  • $15 drop in with $5 going to our Hamper Families:) Please bring a donation for the hamper also if you can!
  • Please RSVP if you can make it! Everyone welcome!!!



Saturday, December 5, 2009

NEW ELM Website Online Now

Hello and Happy Saturday!

I am in my office, waiting to Skype in to my NCCP Cycling course:) So I thought I would post a quick blog to invite you to visit the ELM Website ... new and improved!

After 8 years with my original ELM site, it was time to revamp the site - and Nathaniel from Nrichmedia has been working overtime to get it up and running this week. HUGE thanks to Nathaniel!

Please stop by and check it out. The navigation is way better, there are amazing photos in the top banner (refresh to see them all:) and the ELM Store will be open for business this week!

I would love to hear your feedback and please let me know if there are any ooooops that I need to take care of!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ELM December Challenge

I think you need a challenge.

But I don't want to tell you what you need to do so I am leaving that part up to you. You pick your challenge.

For the month of December I am challenging you to set and REACH a goal that is meaningful to you. A challenge should be just that - challenging. But it should also be realistic, specific, and meaningful to you.

WHY join the ELM December Challenge? Not only will you put your goals at the top of your personal priority list but you will also find MOTIVATION through accountability to others. Say your goal OUTLOUD and you are more likely to reach it.

Your December Challenge can be ANYTHING meaningful to you! Nutrition, fitness, lifestyle...anything goes. December is a great time to get serious about your goals and set yourself up for sucess during the holidays. Don't wait until january to make a change - start now!!

Here is how it works:
1. Go to the ELM Facebook page and RSVP to the event: ELM December Challenge
2. Pick your challenge
3. Post your challenge on the event WALL
4. Check in to let us know how you are doing!

There are no fancy prizes or awards for reaching your goal (but you can set your own rewad up:)just the satisfaction of putting your health first!

So...what's YOUR challenge?

Can't wait to see you at the ELM December Challenge!