Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey! Happy Sunshiney Tuesday!

I have 3 super cool things that you might be interested in doing this week in the Comox Valley...

ELM Geocache Challenge::
3...2...1...GO! The ELM Geocache Challenge is officially underway! Follow the link below for co-ordinates to my first cache. Then grab a GPS and add your own stashed cache co-ordinates to the discussion board! Happy Hunting...

Missed the first post about this whole geocache thingy and wondering what the heck I am talking about? Go::Seek::Learn:: http://elmhealth.blogspot.com/2009/04/elm-geocaching-challenge.html

Bike to Work Skills Courses::

Want to commute on your bike but not so comfortable on busy roads and in traffic? Then don't miss this great opportunity to hone your skills! This course takes you through the most common situations you'll face when you ride your bike in traffic and increase your confidence on the roads. Call Comox Rec to register:: 339 2255

Details:: Sat, May 2 9am-12:30pm OR 12-3:30pm Comox Rec Centre. Cost $15.22


Kicks off this THURSDAY at 5:30pm in Cumberland with the first of 3 , 8 -week trail running clinics. I can't wait to hit the trails! We will be visiting old favorites and scouting out new territory as we train in the trails this spring, summer and fall. Email ELM today if you would like to register as there is still room in this FUN and challenging trail running clinic! elmhealth@shaw.ca

Know something that I don't? Post all your fun fitness adventure ides on the ELM Facebook page!! Share the wealth!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Week in Pictures

Good times this past week!
I thought it would be easiest to draw you a picture...

Pascale, Nikki, Marc, Genevieve, Me

On Friday I met up with a few buds to pre-ride the Hammerfest XC course and it was a BE-yutiful day! WOW...I got my first sunkiss of the year!

Pre-riding the course turned out to be the best idea EVER (thanks Pascale) as it allowed me to ride that much harder/smarter on Sunday. Knowing where the ups and downs are makes all the difference on race day.

The race was super fun- just like the pre-ride but with a little more patience at the start as we all found our places in the line and a little more juice on the rest of the course:)

I was cautious at the start line and a bit intimidated by all the fast XC bikes (hello hardtails everywhere) and the super matchy matchy spandex crowd. So, I seeded myself at the very back of the Intermediate grouping (right in front of the 10 year old boys). Turns out those flashy spandex outfits don't tell much about riding ability:)

I was happy to be held back at the start cause I don't have any experience pacing for a mt. bike race. But after a few minutes I was chomping at the bit to use my climbing ability to my benefit. Once the incline increased riders pulled aside and we all found our spot in the group so we all had a tonne of room after that.

Climb...Descent...Climb...Climb...Descent...Descent...whoohooo! 1:22ish.

Got back to the start/finish and there were already some super fast girlies from the Expert course across the line! Now that is inspiring!!

I decided to go for an hour run back up to the power lines (Beginner course summitt) to get my brick in and after about 15minutes my legs felt just fantastic:) It was very peaceful climbing back up to the top via the single track after hammering for over an hour.

But when I got back for prizes...everyone was gone! So, I had no idea how I did until now...http://www.islandcupseries.com/island-cup-results.cfm

Intermediate Women:: Second Place finisher! Right behind a fast 14 year old !! Wow...humbling...

Nikki raced Expert and Marc rode Intermediate mens and they both did AWESOME!

The race was a blast and I would do it again in a heartbeat- totally recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their riding speed.

Getting to the race, however, was another adventure all together...

Saturday night I noticed this beautiful gash in my tire...

Luckily Nikki & Marc had a spare to bring down from Courtenay for me...THANK YOU!

Sunday Morning: went out to cheer on the ELM Women in the TC10K race and noticed...my CAR was missing!

The race volunteers were super and looked into it for me...turns out I was TOWED to a nearby neighbourhood! Ran around the block with a mug of tea and my camera trying to find my car without missing the race start... FOUND IT! Saw the race start, packed up, and made it to Erington in time for Hammerfest race start. Phew!



Have a great week!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


CONGRATULATIONS to the crew of 18 ELM Women who raced in the TC 10K today in Victoria!

It was a perfect morning for a race and I was lucky enough to wake up about 50 feet from the start line - at my sisters home. We awoke to the frantic and exciting sounds of race morning...pitter pattering feet...whispering nervousness...and obnoxious race mc's.

When the gun went off a stampede of spandex and singlets charged straight at us out of the gates! Our annual 'running of the bull', my sister and I enjoyed the rush of the racers as they ran by...creating a flurry of cherry blossoms in their wake!

Then came the ELM Women...ALL SMILES and Hi Fives! Whoohooo! Our gigantic sign caught their attention but mostly it protected us from the hoards of racers who were trying to move ahead by cutting up onto the sidewalk. My other sisters chihauha nearly had a heart attack as she witnessed her first TC10K:)

I just checked out the ladies times and they are all STELLER! Congrats to all the racers on a job well done. You deserve a trip to Lulu Lemon for sure! (well I went for you anyways:)

RESULTS: http://www.raceheadquarters.com/tc.php

Congrats to the team:

Pictures to come tomorrow (and my own post-race report from Hammerfest:)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Run Bike Run Bike...

Hello and Happy Fri...Saturday now!
You know I am out playing hard when the blogs are coming in late and this week was no exception! I decreased the volume this week after building for a couple weeks - and then I will be adding some SUPER long days next week. Here is this weeks snapshot:

Monday RUN hill repeats 1.5km*4
Tuesday RIDE XC with big climb 1.75hr
Weds RIDE XC with B21climb 1.75hr Brick Run 25min
Thurs RUN taper 5k with the 10K clinic
Friday RIDE 1.75hr Pre-Ride Hammerfest course in Errington!
Saturday REST
Sunday RIDE Hammerfest and 1hour run

The sun came out with some serious heat on Friday and I even got a bit o'colour on the pre-ride yesterday:) The ride was FANTASTIC and much better than I expected. As I have never done a mountain bike race I had some strange expectations I suppose...well, I still haven't done the race so I will finish that thought after Sundays race!

Pascale, Marc, Nikki, Genevieve and I all met up in Coombs then made our way to the trailhead..up a logging road and into a gravel pit. You would never know that there are literally miles of BEAUTIFUL single track out there! Breathtaking, fast, and the best- flowy. Can't wait till Sunday!

SUNDAY morning also marks the Victoria Times Colonist 10K - which is why I am down in Vic this weekend. My ELM Women have graduated from their 10k clinic and they are rested, tapered and ready to race tomorrow! I can't wait to see them at the start as they fly by me in their ELM Jerseys...GO GO GO!

Best of luck to all the ELM WOMEN! Enjoy this fantastic experience and stick to your race plan and you will have a great time!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom

If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.

-Thomas Edison

Monday, April 20, 2009

Free Running


ELM was busy kicking BUTT so there has not been much time for blogging...I am sure you will understand!


Sunday marked the annual S2S relay here in the Comox Valley. This is a great local event that brings racers off all abilities together from all over the country actually. Teams have been known to fly in ringers from as far east as Onscario to stack their teams. And then you also have a huge majority of teams who just come for the FREE BEER tickets and the most excellent beer gardens party:) We come for the chocolate...the chocolate medals!
We had our best result to date:
1st Masters Women Team!
3rd Womens Team Overall!
27th Team across the line!
A HUGE thank you to all our team members for laughing and racing hard at this years event!
Shannon Moyes- Downhill skiier
Lo Lanning - Nordic Skiier
Diana Olsen- Downhill Runner #1
Sue Handel- Downhill Runner #2
Me- Mountain Biker- thanks to Nikki for the race bike and thanks to Jay & Kelly for the emergency helmet! (my lid didn't pass inspection - minutes before the race start they noticed a big crack in my bucket!! ooooops)
Janine Martin- Kayaker
Audrey Erlandson- Road Biker
Lyse Fortin & Rani Johns- Canoists (who saved the day and got us gold in the end)

Diana - after being dropped off at the top of mountain washington...it was snowing...eeesh.

Audrey in her new super aero position...it worked!

Audrey passing off to Lyse before her 1km sprint to the boat launch. Diana and I tried to run with her but she totally killed us and we lost her!!!!

Lyse and Rani throwing in the last strokes to take gold for the team!

HEE HEE 27th Team overall! Way to go!


Today there is something special happening...there are thousands of runners joining together in the worlds most prestigious marathon event...and there are 3 ELM Women joining them at the Boston Marathon!

GOOD LUCK to Kim Griffiths, Cindy Steuart and Andrea Prager at todays race! I can't wait to hear the post-race report!


I am coming along towards my 4th week post-op and getting very close to where I left off. It has gone by faster than I thought it would and every run and ride is still such a gift that I am still enjoying the new perspective thoroughly.

Last week:

  • Saturday Run 90mins LSD
  • Sunday XC Ride 2hrs ish with big climb
  • Monday Run 3*5minute hill repeats 60minute total run
  • Tuesday Resistance & Bike Cumberland XC 90ish with big climb with Pascale
  • Wednesday REST
  • Thursday Resistance & Run VO2max intervals all out pace: 4mins*1, 2mins*4, 1min*2 9k total
  • Friday Ride Snow to Surf route out and back with Marc
  • Saturday TREK 2hours 15 up Tomato Creek...Arbutus...Upper Monkeys...home via the plunge-cable hill and johns trails... with Cathy T
  • Sunday Snow to Surf!


This weekend I am looking forward to Hammerfest in Parksville...hoping to pre-ride the XC course with Pascale on Friday. I learned something very important during the snowtosurf yesterday...that I am NOT as fast a mountain biker as I am a runner:( Sucks to be passed...

SO now of course I am psyched to up my bike training and get with the program so to speak so that my biking fitness can catch up to my run fitness. I know that racing will kick my arse but that is exactly what I need to improve my speed as a mt biker. Looking forward to having a royal ass kicking at Hammerfest! Step AWAY from the comfort zone please!



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom

Words of wisdom below...

Welcome to BOOTCAMP! Meet your drill sergeant! Tonight we met our new recruits for Fitness Testing at the track to take some baseline measurements. 10 weeks from now we will reassess and see how hard they have worked this spring. YOU CAN DO IT!

The best way out is through.

-Robert Frost

OH Robert you are so wise!
3 weeks ago today I had to swallow and accept these words in order to move through the old stages of healing:) Today I am nearly THROUGH! Nearly 100% already ... biking is GREAT...running flats and uphills is GREAT...I am nearly there...
So I decided to celebrate and buy a new pair of riding shorts...
To tell the truth Pascale made me do it! I went to Mountain City Cycle to pick up my bike (minor issue fixed: my front wheel kept falling off and I didn't have any back brakes-hitting metal) and Pascale was there and she told me I deserved some new shorts so I should just buy some. Well, that is my story and I am sticking to it... Aren't they great?

Then we went riding in Cumberland and it was officially SPRING riding! T-shirts and shorts for REAL! Back to Bear Buns for another fantastic climb and flowly downhill rip. We finished up on Broncos for a full out HAMMERfest. Hurray for brakes! I forgot what confidence they give you...

Let the GOOD TIMES roll!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Runners High

WOW. I just had an amazing run:)

I have never experienced the so called 'runners high' but today must have been pretty close. I am often overcome with joy during my trail runs- but it is the wonderful gifts of nature that bring that huge smile to my face and launch my arms into the sky euphorically.
Today it was the most amazing combination of things:
I am a pretty happy person by most standards but I was just bubbling over when I finished my last hill repeat atop the 'look-out' in my back 40 trails. Arms went up and I couldn't help but bust out a few moves to my new tunes on my iPod. I skipped, x-stepped and ran backwards all the way home:)
Here are the tunes that made it happen:
Climbing the final hill repeat..
Celebrating at the top..
Dancing my way home on the cooldown...
This isn't one from our ELM Challenge but it is on the http://www.geocache.com/ site and it was super cool... If you haven't started stashing caches yet ... get out there and join the ELM Challenge!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Terry went oopsy and got a booboo...it looks like I am laughing at him but i swear i wasn't!

The view from Bear Buns....

One of the fun little structures on Bear Buns that Terry, Al and John S built last year:)

BACK IN THE SADDLE (and my bum hurts)

That's right! I went for my first real mtbike ride today after waiting patiently for 18 days post surgery.

And it FELT GREAT! No issues. Well, except for my hand eye co-ordination but that is to be expected. And my lungs were burning on the climb. But that was a fantastic feeling! What a gift to be able to PUSH the body again!

CUMBERLAND: Up the road climb climb climb...DOWN Bear Buns (it is in fantastic shape) ACROSS Sykes bridge...DOWN Teapot...BEHIND Allan Lake...HOME VIA Shaker, Soggy Biscuit and Space Nugget. WOOHOO she's BACK!
Not sure how long the ride was- cause Andy started pushing buttons on my odometer half way through the ride...but maybe 2 hours?
RAN 1.5 hours in SBP on Saturday without issue either...slowly but surely I am getting back to where I left off...
Another week or 2 and I hope to be 100 NO 150%!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

ELM Geocaching Challenge

Here are some cool pics from Thursday night Women's 10K clinic this week...

Surviving the final week of hill repeats!

And now for a sneakpeak at what your fearless ELM run leaders get up to after class....That looks a little blurry...

A great plan was hatched this morning at Becky's bakery over post run cinni-buns and lattes with my fearless run leaders Lynn and Kathy.


We are starting a summer Geocaching challenge for all of our ELM friends! WOOHOO!

What's geocaching you ask? Basically a scavenger hunt using a GPS to find your 'treasure'. Check out this link for all the info you need on getting started with this hi-tech scavenger hunt. http://www.geocaching.com/

This is the perfect activity for all ages and abilities and a great way to spend time with your friends and family while enjoying the great outdoors!
I will kick off the hunt this month after I set my first cache somewhere in the Valley...and I am inviting you all to do the same! Stay tuned...

Here is how it works:

Leave a Cache...

1. Hide your 'cache'. This can be as simple as a ziplock baggie or a small tuperware container (waterproof is key). Include a notebook for seekers to sign in- guest book style - when they find your cache. You can also include a small 'treasure' (no realy monetary value required) such as a key chain or other trinket to make it seem like a little pot of gold for the finder.

2. Set a waypoint on your GPS.

3. Start a new Discussion Topic right here on the ELM Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=61202794453&topic=8514 and post the co-ordinates to your cache.

4. Include difficulty:: Easy Medium Hard as well as any clues that might help the seeker without giving too much away!

Find a cache.

1. Enter the co-ordinates of one of the posted caches into your GPS.

2. Find the cache.
3. If you take a treasure be sure to leave something of similar value for the next player.

4. Post your find details - date found, difficulty, etc. on the applicable discussion board where you found the co-ordinates.

Once you get into this you will be addicted FOR SURE.

If you read this post then you have been TAGGED and you must go stash a cache! We will play all summer and celebrate with an end of summer group hunt and partay in August!!



Friday, April 10, 2009

Hoppy Friday!

HOPPY GOOD FRIDAY and a very Happy Easter:)

I hope you are NOT working today:)

And because everyone needs a holiday (especially after the drought we have had in BC since New Years) I am going to make this short and sweet so I can go PLAY outside in the sunshine.
Today I am switching things up
(once again) and doing a COOL STUFF day rather than an official Q&A. Really, it is just as educational and even more fun...
iDaySpa owner Ingrid Watterman learned me a thing or two about non-chemical sunscreen this past week. Ingrid introduced me to a super cool organic and natural product line called Eminence that includes - and get this - a powdered sunscreen. Yup. You read that right! What the? how does that work you ask?
It applies with a brush, kinda like blush, and acts as a physical sun block rather than a chemical one. This means no yikky toxic chemicals being mushed into your skin while you try to do the right thing and protect yourself from the sun.
Ingrid let me try the sunscreen for a few days and I actually got to put it to use in some real old fashioned vancouver island sunshine (ooooh spring is here hurray).
At first I didn't believe it would work. I didn't even think it was going on cause it was so fine and nearly invisible. I am so used to slathering on thick wads of cream to feel protected that I didnt' think the powder could be working.
But it did work. I was outside in the sun for hours on end and didn't change colour whatsoever. (I know you want a tan but this is the ulitmate goal for red heads). It was very light weight and hardly noticeable and it even had a nice light scent that reminded me of the beach. You have to have slightly damp skin, however to make it set on your skin so that means wetting your skin or putting it ontop of moisturizer.
You can check out Ingrids website http://idayspa.ca/products fmi on this new age sunscreen and all of the other cool organic products that she carry's.
Now hop along...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom

If that doesn't inspire you just a little bit I honestly don't know what will.
Happy 'hump day'

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beautiful Spring Day:)

PS from my 'Healing Touch' post last Friday:
In addition to my prescription for healing I always recommend cross training during recovery from injury. Not only will you improve your mental health, you will actually decrease your recovery time by increasing circulation and supporting resynthesis. WOW! What a deal!
So, as you can see from the pic above at the Kingfisher gym (spaaah day Sunday:) I STILL GOT IT! Yes, my Yoga practice has increased dramatically over the past 2 weeks while I have been unable to chew up dirt in the trails. And man oh man does it feel good!
And while my leg was unable to kick it, my upper body was game for some challenging workouts and so all was not, and never is, lost during recovery.
Here is a link for more info on healing through visualization and positive intention...
WOW what a day in the Comox Valley! Another day with real life heat coming off of the sun:) Finally! I was inspired completely and had a spring in my step all day.

FYI We are shutting down the office for the Easter weekend from Friday until Monday and will re-open re-energized on Tuesday April 14th bright and early with Sunrise Bootcamp at 6:00am!
Be sure to register for your ELM April Fitness Adventures before the deadlines this week and next! Check the ELM website for complete details on all of our Spring programs.
Next Week the following programs are kicking off: Fitness Bootcamp and Womens Learn to Run on Tuesday evenings.
The following week we start: Womens Off Road Trail Running on Monday mornings.
After that we hit the trails with Adventure Running 1::3 starting April 30th!
Can't wait to play/train in the spring sunshine with you all!
That's right folks...13 days post-op and I took my Giant for a spin in the country. Just a little 60 minute out and back commute to one of my Partner Training sessions but it was a wonderful (and very liberating) bike ride none-the-less. And who can complain about a commute in the country on a warm blue sky day! I was even showing my calves! ohhhh spring!

Headquarters road: Rolling farm fields, migrating swans, stinky cows, gag reflex inducing fertilizer being sprayed, no shoulder and almost getting whacked by a few side mirrors...priceless!


Vietnamese spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce.

SERIOUSLY! This is spring in a rice wrap! Make a few and double your peanut sauce recipe so you can enjoy these little babies all week...YUM!

Fresh Fusion Salad Rolls’
The perfect light lunch or supper

1Package Asian Rice Noodles (glass noodles)
4 Sheets Rice Noodle Paper (rounds)
12 cooked prawns
4 large butter lettuce leaves (or other crisp green)
1 large carrot grated
½ cup cabbage grated
1 green onion chopped
¼ cup cilantro chopped
1 tbs rice wine vinegar
1 tbs thai fish sauce
1 tsp hot chili sauce or ½ tsp chili flakes
1 tbs lime juice
Adjust mixture to taste!

Peanut Sauce

2-3 tbs natural peanut butter
½ cup hot water or coconut milk (for a rich sauce)
1 tbs lime juice
½ tbs fish sauce
1 tbs soy sauce
1 tsp hot chili sauce
1 tsp rice wine vinegar
2 tbs cilantro chopped finely.
Mix all ingredients together and whisk until smooth. Add more hot water for desired consistency.
Adjust to taste!

Cook noodles and toss with a few drops of sesame or other oil and set aside.
Combine all other ingredients excluding prawns and lettuce leaves.
Soak 1 sheet of rice noodle paper in hot (just boiled) water until it softens.
Place cooked noodle paper on a flat dishtowel and spread out into a circle (it will be sticky but plyable).
Place 3 prawns in a row down the centre of the sheet.
Place ½ cup noodles on top of prawns
Place 1/3 cup grated mixture on top of noodles.
Place 1 lettuce leaf on top and roll up the paper like a burrito, closing off the ends and making a tight roll.
Repeat with all 4
Dip in fresh peanut sauce and enjoy!


Monday, April 6, 2009

'BT' Day

HEY LOOK! That is REALLY me running!!
Well...I was kinda tentatively shuffling/jogging but what the hell it wasn't walking:)

Hurray I had a real BT (Breakthrough) couple of days and along with it comes a resurgance of hope for returning to normal sooner than later.

After a girly weekend of slow walks and spaaaahing I managed to get through Sunday without any tensors on my leg- and without any discomfort either:) Today was another home run and I can not believe how much my leg has improved in the past 2 days. It is crazy! No pain again today and so...I went for my first run after 12 days off:)

Not only did I go for a run...I ran in a short sleeve shirt and had to wear sunscreen! Double woohoo! (writers note: obviously I am not in a short sleeve shirt in the photo above. Actually I am wearing a down vest. But this photo was taken earlier this morning. It was colder then. My real 'run' was this afternoon. It was, like, 14 degrees:)

I took it beyond easy at my warm up/recovery pace for 30 minutes in my back trails. Walked for 1 minute in there but honestly I felt awesome! I am very cautious and hesitant so we will see how I feel after that and build from there. Phew...it is all very exciting:)

CONGRATS to Esther Kane! Local women's counsellor and professional psychotherapist, Esther was just on Canada AM on CTV this morning!!

She was speaking about her new book which was recently released: "It's not about the food". Esther works with women and specializes in disordered eating and body image issues.

Small town girls hits the big time: way to go Esther!

Cheers to a great week of spring sunshine!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Q&A Healing Thoughts

This week I am back to answering your burning questions on the blog. Every week I get questions about injuries, treatment and prevention. So, keeping with my latest blog theme and my parallel life theme these days, I wanted to share my personal advice when it comes to fast and complete recovery.

So, how does one go FROM THIS:

Evil- I mean Superstar Dr. Malo stitching me up last week...

The vein crime scene post op...


MOMAR Winner!

As soon as you experience an injury you must take immediate action to control the inflammatory response. You know the RICE drill:

Rest - this means YOU. Take a rest day cause it will pay off in spades down the road. A week off today can save you 8 weeks of suffering on the couch later. This seems to be the hardest part for any athlete but once you learn the hard way you will never make this mistake again. Think long term.
Ice - 20 on 10 off as needed
Compression - you saw the tensor bandages on my leg. Not only does this provide comfort, it will help control swelling, increase venous return and decrease pain.
Elevation - again, to decrease swelling and discomfort.

Seems too simple? It is! But it is still the best way to control inflammation and limit trauma in the first 24-48 hours following an injury of any kind.

Contact your recovery team immediately to book a treatment the week following injury. I believe in a comprehensive approach. Personally I use 3 main therapies: Physiotherapy- Ascent , Acupuncture-CV Acupuncture and Massage Therapy- Harbourview. Each plays a unique and important role in my health and I have a great team that I trust to take excellent care of me.

When dealing with an injury I use Physio most often for assessment/diagnosis and acute treatment. I use acupuncture in conjunction for increased circulation & speed of healing. But I also go for acupuncture after hard bouts of training and in preparation for A races to help boost my overall energy, health and 'chi' as they say... I go to massage post race to speed up my recovery so I can get back to training hard and to work out longer term musculoskeletal issues.

Michelle Hughes of CVA torturing - I mean treating me this week:)

Those who know me know that I am a strong believer in healing through visualization and positive intention. This is where I contribute to the plan and go to work on my own form of therapy...the power of the mind...your thoughts directly control your emotions, your hormonal responses and your body's systems. Never underestimate the power of the mind!
If you believe you will get better, you will.
If you believe you can heal, you will.
I practice visualization every day just before bed and during acupuncture treatments. There is nothing complicated or fancy about it. All you need to do is visualize the healing process occuring within your body. The more detailed you can visualize the better so get an anatomy book out if you need to. Here is one of my visualizations to give you an idea:
First I picture myself filling with bright, positive healing energy...so full that it is bursting out in rays from my body.
Next I imagine a bolt of lightning ripping through my body and completely crashing the system. Disrupting the entire unhealthy/injured body.
Then I imagine healing energy rebuilding my body from the feet up. I picture bright light, with stars and cool stuff but you can picture whatever you want.
Finally I imagine myself completely healed, pain free and doing what I love to do...running strong up a mountain to claim the peak. Strong, pain free and happy!
That's it! If you can stay focussed (that is the hard part) it only takes a few minutes.
You visualize the perfect race. You know how your thoughts or others actions can affect your mood. You know if you set your mind to something you can do it but if you quit in your head your feet quit too. You already know how powerful your mind is so put it to work on your recovery too!
Negative thoughts are useless.
Positive thoughts can only help not hurt so be sure to include them in your healing plan along with more conventional treatments.

Of course, sleep more, decrease stress, drink tonnes of water and eat only vibrant vital foods to support your healing.
Happy Healing!