Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey! Happy Sunshiney Tuesday!

I have 3 super cool things that you might be interested in doing this week in the Comox Valley...

ELM Geocache Challenge::
3...2...1...GO! The ELM Geocache Challenge is officially underway! Follow the link below for co-ordinates to my first cache. Then grab a GPS and add your own stashed cache co-ordinates to the discussion board! Happy Hunting...

Missed the first post about this whole geocache thingy and wondering what the heck I am talking about? Go::Seek::Learn:: http://elmhealth.blogspot.com/2009/04/elm-geocaching-challenge.html

Bike to Work Skills Courses::

Want to commute on your bike but not so comfortable on busy roads and in traffic? Then don't miss this great opportunity to hone your skills! This course takes you through the most common situations you'll face when you ride your bike in traffic and increase your confidence on the roads. Call Comox Rec to register:: 339 2255

Details:: Sat, May 2 9am-12:30pm OR 12-3:30pm Comox Rec Centre. Cost $15.22


Kicks off this THURSDAY at 5:30pm in Cumberland with the first of 3 , 8 -week trail running clinics. I can't wait to hit the trails! We will be visiting old favorites and scouting out new territory as we train in the trails this spring, summer and fall. Email ELM today if you would like to register as there is still room in this FUN and challenging trail running clinic! elmhealth@shaw.ca

Know something that I don't? Post all your fun fitness adventure ides on the ELM Facebook page!! Share the wealth!


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