Saturday, April 11, 2009

ELM Geocaching Challenge

Here are some cool pics from Thursday night Women's 10K clinic this week...

Surviving the final week of hill repeats!

And now for a sneakpeak at what your fearless ELM run leaders get up to after class....That looks a little blurry...

A great plan was hatched this morning at Becky's bakery over post run cinni-buns and lattes with my fearless run leaders Lynn and Kathy.


We are starting a summer Geocaching challenge for all of our ELM friends! WOOHOO!

What's geocaching you ask? Basically a scavenger hunt using a GPS to find your 'treasure'. Check out this link for all the info you need on getting started with this hi-tech scavenger hunt.

This is the perfect activity for all ages and abilities and a great way to spend time with your friends and family while enjoying the great outdoors!
I will kick off the hunt this month after I set my first cache somewhere in the Valley...and I am inviting you all to do the same! Stay tuned...

Here is how it works:

Leave a Cache...

1. Hide your 'cache'. This can be as simple as a ziplock baggie or a small tuperware container (waterproof is key). Include a notebook for seekers to sign in- guest book style - when they find your cache. You can also include a small 'treasure' (no realy monetary value required) such as a key chain or other trinket to make it seem like a little pot of gold for the finder.

2. Set a waypoint on your GPS.

3. Start a new Discussion Topic right here on the ELM Facebook Page and post the co-ordinates to your cache.

4. Include difficulty:: Easy Medium Hard as well as any clues that might help the seeker without giving too much away!

Find a cache.

1. Enter the co-ordinates of one of the posted caches into your GPS.

2. Find the cache.
3. If you take a treasure be sure to leave something of similar value for the next player.

4. Post your find details - date found, difficulty, etc. on the applicable discussion board where you found the co-ordinates.

Once you get into this you will be addicted FOR SURE.

If you read this post then you have been TAGGED and you must go stash a cache! We will play all summer and celebrate with an end of summer group hunt and partay in August!!



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BreeWee said...

Thanks for leaving a message to check out your blog, I LOVE it, I love fotos on blogs (Im like a kid and it makes blog reading easier for me:)

Fun reading about your mis-adventures and of course your passion for sport is incredible! The RSS feeds, not sure what that is, im not too computer savvy, but I can look into it :)

Hope you have a GREAT EASTER!