Friday, April 10, 2009

Hoppy Friday!

HOPPY GOOD FRIDAY and a very Happy Easter:)

I hope you are NOT working today:)

And because everyone needs a holiday (especially after the drought we have had in BC since New Years) I am going to make this short and sweet so I can go PLAY outside in the sunshine.
Today I am switching things up
(once again) and doing a COOL STUFF day rather than an official Q&A. Really, it is just as educational and even more fun...
iDaySpa owner Ingrid Watterman learned me a thing or two about non-chemical sunscreen this past week. Ingrid introduced me to a super cool organic and natural product line called Eminence that includes - and get this - a powdered sunscreen. Yup. You read that right! What the? how does that work you ask?
It applies with a brush, kinda like blush, and acts as a physical sun block rather than a chemical one. This means no yikky toxic chemicals being mushed into your skin while you try to do the right thing and protect yourself from the sun.
Ingrid let me try the sunscreen for a few days and I actually got to put it to use in some real old fashioned vancouver island sunshine (ooooh spring is here hurray).
At first I didn't believe it would work. I didn't even think it was going on cause it was so fine and nearly invisible. I am so used to slathering on thick wads of cream to feel protected that I didnt' think the powder could be working.
But it did work. I was outside in the sun for hours on end and didn't change colour whatsoever. (I know you want a tan but this is the ulitmate goal for red heads). It was very light weight and hardly noticeable and it even had a nice light scent that reminded me of the beach. You have to have slightly damp skin, however to make it set on your skin so that means wetting your skin or putting it ontop of moisturizer.
You can check out Ingrids website fmi on this new age sunscreen and all of the other cool organic products that she carry's.
Now hop along...

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