Monday, April 20, 2009


ELM was busy kicking BUTT so there has not been much time for blogging...I am sure you will understand!


Sunday marked the annual S2S relay here in the Comox Valley. This is a great local event that brings racers off all abilities together from all over the country actually. Teams have been known to fly in ringers from as far east as Onscario to stack their teams. And then you also have a huge majority of teams who just come for the FREE BEER tickets and the most excellent beer gardens party:) We come for the chocolate...the chocolate medals!
We had our best result to date:
1st Masters Women Team!
3rd Womens Team Overall!
27th Team across the line!
A HUGE thank you to all our team members for laughing and racing hard at this years event!
Shannon Moyes- Downhill skiier
Lo Lanning - Nordic Skiier
Diana Olsen- Downhill Runner #1
Sue Handel- Downhill Runner #2
Me- Mountain Biker- thanks to Nikki for the race bike and thanks to Jay & Kelly for the emergency helmet! (my lid didn't pass inspection - minutes before the race start they noticed a big crack in my bucket!! ooooops)
Janine Martin- Kayaker
Audrey Erlandson- Road Biker
Lyse Fortin & Rani Johns- Canoists (who saved the day and got us gold in the end)

Diana - after being dropped off at the top of mountain was snowing...eeesh.

Audrey in her new super aero worked!

Audrey passing off to Lyse before her 1km sprint to the boat launch. Diana and I tried to run with her but she totally killed us and we lost her!!!!

Lyse and Rani throwing in the last strokes to take gold for the team!

HEE HEE 27th Team overall! Way to go!


Today there is something special happening...there are thousands of runners joining together in the worlds most prestigious marathon event...and there are 3 ELM Women joining them at the Boston Marathon!

GOOD LUCK to Kim Griffiths, Cindy Steuart and Andrea Prager at todays race! I can't wait to hear the post-race report!


I am coming along towards my 4th week post-op and getting very close to where I left off. It has gone by faster than I thought it would and every run and ride is still such a gift that I am still enjoying the new perspective thoroughly.

Last week:

  • Saturday Run 90mins LSD
  • Sunday XC Ride 2hrs ish with big climb
  • Monday Run 3*5minute hill repeats 60minute total run
  • Tuesday Resistance & Bike Cumberland XC 90ish with big climb with Pascale
  • Wednesday REST
  • Thursday Resistance & Run VO2max intervals all out pace: 4mins*1, 2mins*4, 1min*2 9k total
  • Friday Ride Snow to Surf route out and back with Marc
  • Saturday TREK 2hours 15 up Tomato Creek...Arbutus...Upper Monkeys...home via the plunge-cable hill and johns trails... with Cathy T
  • Sunday Snow to Surf!


This weekend I am looking forward to Hammerfest in Parksville...hoping to pre-ride the XC course with Pascale on Friday. I learned something very important during the snowtosurf yesterday...that I am NOT as fast a mountain biker as I am a runner:( Sucks to be passed...

SO now of course I am psyched to up my bike training and get with the program so to speak so that my biking fitness can catch up to my run fitness. I know that racing will kick my arse but that is exactly what I need to improve my speed as a mt biker. Looking forward to having a royal ass kicking at Hammerfest! Step AWAY from the comfort zone please!



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