Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom


The superior individual respectfully appreciates the cycles of increase and decrease...
External ploys will not put an end to the natural cycle of deterioration.
Time will. Nuture your mind and body...
Look for wisdom in your acceptance of the times.
I CHING no. 23 TaoSports

This is a very good quote from a very good book 'Thinking Body Dancing Mind TaoSports'. It has helped to motivate and inspire me many times over the years.

Right now I am reading the chapter on Injuries again. Although my injury is not training related the same psychological and physiological changes apply.
From the Tao:
  • Injured athletes go through the classic 5 stages of adjustment: Denial it's not that serious'.
  • Anger 'Why me, why now? Dam it!"
  • Panic "if I recover i'll never___".
  • Depression "Poor me."
  • True healing usually occurs when Acceptance arrives " I'm injured, but I must get on with my life; besides I could use the rest."
I am definitely in the acceptance stage and have come to terms with where I am at. My focus is entirely on healing and recovering.
On Friday that will be my Q&A : How to recover as quickly and completely as possible from an injury.
Stay tuned for photos from my acupuncture treatments...ohhhhh:)
Happy Wednesday,

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