Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom

Words of wisdom below...

Welcome to BOOTCAMP! Meet your drill sergeant! Tonight we met our new recruits for Fitness Testing at the track to take some baseline measurements. 10 weeks from now we will reassess and see how hard they have worked this spring. YOU CAN DO IT!

The best way out is through.

-Robert Frost

OH Robert you are so wise!
3 weeks ago today I had to swallow and accept these words in order to move through the old stages of healing:) Today I am nearly THROUGH! Nearly 100% already ... biking is GREAT...running flats and uphills is GREAT...I am nearly there...
So I decided to celebrate and buy a new pair of riding shorts...
To tell the truth Pascale made me do it! I went to Mountain City Cycle to pick up my bike (minor issue fixed: my front wheel kept falling off and I didn't have any back brakes-hitting metal) and Pascale was there and she told me I deserved some new shorts so I should just buy some. Well, that is my story and I am sticking to it... Aren't they great?

Then we went riding in Cumberland and it was officially SPRING riding! T-shirts and shorts for REAL! Back to Bear Buns for another fantastic climb and flowly downhill rip. We finished up on Broncos for a full out HAMMERfest. Hurray for brakes! I forgot what confidence they give you...

Let the GOOD TIMES roll!


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