Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Terry went oopsy and got a looks like I am laughing at him but i swear i wasn't!

The view from Bear Buns....

One of the fun little structures on Bear Buns that Terry, Al and John S built last year:)

BACK IN THE SADDLE (and my bum hurts)

That's right! I went for my first real mtbike ride today after waiting patiently for 18 days post surgery.

And it FELT GREAT! No issues. Well, except for my hand eye co-ordination but that is to be expected. And my lungs were burning on the climb. But that was a fantastic feeling! What a gift to be able to PUSH the body again!

CUMBERLAND: Up the road climb climb climb...DOWN Bear Buns (it is in fantastic shape) ACROSS Sykes bridge...DOWN Teapot...BEHIND Allan Lake...HOME VIA Shaker, Soggy Biscuit and Space Nugget. WOOHOO she's BACK!
Not sure how long the ride was- cause Andy started pushing buttons on my odometer half way through the ride...but maybe 2 hours?
RAN 1.5 hours in SBP on Saturday without issue either...slowly but surely I am getting back to where I left off...
Another week or 2 and I hope to be 100 NO 150%!

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