Monday, April 6, 2009

'BT' Day

HEY LOOK! That is REALLY me running!!
Well...I was kinda tentatively shuffling/jogging but what the hell it wasn't walking:)

Hurray I had a real BT (Breakthrough) couple of days and along with it comes a resurgance of hope for returning to normal sooner than later.

After a girly weekend of slow walks and spaaaahing I managed to get through Sunday without any tensors on my leg- and without any discomfort either:) Today was another home run and I can not believe how much my leg has improved in the past 2 days. It is crazy! No pain again today and so...I went for my first run after 12 days off:)

Not only did I go for a run...I ran in a short sleeve shirt and had to wear sunscreen! Double woohoo! (writers note: obviously I am not in a short sleeve shirt in the photo above. Actually I am wearing a down vest. But this photo was taken earlier this morning. It was colder then. My real 'run' was this afternoon. It was, like, 14 degrees:)

I took it beyond easy at my warm up/recovery pace for 30 minutes in my back trails. Walked for 1 minute in there but honestly I felt awesome! I am very cautious and hesitant so we will see how I feel after that and build from there. is all very exciting:)

CONGRATS to Esther Kane! Local women's counsellor and professional psychotherapist, Esther was just on Canada AM on CTV this morning!!

She was speaking about her new book which was recently released: "It's not about the food". Esther works with women and specializes in disordered eating and body image issues.

Small town girls hits the big time: way to go Esther!

Cheers to a great week of spring sunshine!!

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Korky said...

Glad to see you back out there! Good luck