Saturday, April 25, 2009

Run Bike Run Bike...

Hello and Happy Fri...Saturday now!
You know I am out playing hard when the blogs are coming in late and this week was no exception! I decreased the volume this week after building for a couple weeks - and then I will be adding some SUPER long days next week. Here is this weeks snapshot:

Monday RUN hill repeats 1.5km*4
Tuesday RIDE XC with big climb 1.75hr
Weds RIDE XC with B21climb 1.75hr Brick Run 25min
Thurs RUN taper 5k with the 10K clinic
Friday RIDE 1.75hr Pre-Ride Hammerfest course in Errington!
Saturday REST
Sunday RIDE Hammerfest and 1hour run

The sun came out with some serious heat on Friday and I even got a bit o'colour on the pre-ride yesterday:) The ride was FANTASTIC and much better than I expected. As I have never done a mountain bike race I had some strange expectations I suppose...well, I still haven't done the race so I will finish that thought after Sundays race!

Pascale, Marc, Nikki, Genevieve and I all met up in Coombs then made our way to the trailhead..up a logging road and into a gravel pit. You would never know that there are literally miles of BEAUTIFUL single track out there! Breathtaking, fast, and the best- flowy. Can't wait till Sunday!

SUNDAY morning also marks the Victoria Times Colonist 10K - which is why I am down in Vic this weekend. My ELM Women have graduated from their 10k clinic and they are rested, tapered and ready to race tomorrow! I can't wait to see them at the start as they fly by me in their ELM Jerseys...GO GO GO!

Best of luck to all the ELM WOMEN! Enjoy this fantastic experience and stick to your race plan and you will have a great time!

Have a great weekend!

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