Friday, April 3, 2009

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We live in a beautiful world...ohhoohhooo...yes we do! Comox Valley morning coming down Ryan hill...I never get bored of this 'city'scape:)


Yes, the sun is shining hard, the northerly wind has finally died down and the weekend looks beautiful! Our first real spring weekend is ahead of us:) I have a girls weekend planned as my bestest girlfriends from my Rapattack Crew (BCFS Wildland Fire Fighters) are on their way to spend the weekend with me in the Valley. As I am currently on a 'no-fly' list they kindly agreed to make our semi-annual gettaway happen in my back yard. Kingfisher Spa here we come! It will help distract me from my desire to be training and keep me out of trouble...1 more week until I can run...

Girls of 1998 posing in our rappel gear by our fav helicopter WDV (Whiskey Double Vodka:P)

We bonded like cement during our first summer fire fighting and endured real life Bootcamp at the Rapattack base in 1998. It was 6 weeks of intense physical, mental and technical training to prepare us for the demands of firefighting and teach us the skills required for rapelling out of live helicopters into remote lightning caused fires. We worked our *&^s off but we also nearly peed our pants laughing the whole time too. There is nothing better than a good girl giggle to bust intense stress levels. They helped me make it through that first summer and we made a million memories in the process.
This week has been great- even though I have been the Couch Coach due to my limited mobility. My challenge has been teaching entirely verbally as I am more of a dynamic demonstrator than a talker. My athletes and clients have been so great and the support from all of you has been amazing. Thank you!

10K Clinic: We are already up to week 7 of the Womens 10K clinic and a mere 3 weeks away from goal race: Victoria Times Colonist 10K!

Last night was a beautiful blue spring sky and a great evening for a track workout. Here is what the ladies were up to last night:

2k warm up

20 *3 Form Drills: A, B, Cs

100m * 2 Accelerations to goal pace

Body Weight Strength Circuit: 15 reps * 1 set each:

Dips, Step Ups, Push Ups, Side Leg Raise, Sit Squats and V-crunches

Group 1: Novice:: 4* 400m Hill Repeats

Group 2: Advanced:: 5* 400m VO2max track intervals with 400m recovery

10min Cooldown

Here are some pics....
Couch Coach Sarah elevating on the bleachers...

Side Leg Raise. The BEST pelvic stability exercise. You think it is easy...but try 2 sets of 15 - 20 SLOW and call me in the morning...

ABC's training that running stride for efficiency and speed.

River Dance?

And a silly video that Lisa shot for I could experience running the track with my crew...kills me to be on the bleachers!

Friday Q&A to follow...

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