Monday, July 30, 2012

Client Profile: Back on Track

I work with individual clients from all walks of life, who have a wide range of goals, dreams, limitations, schedules, lifestyles, body types and personalities.  Time-squeezed parents, candle-burning professionals, age-class athletes, weekend warriors,  mid-life mortals and those rehabilitating from motor vehicle accidents, surgeries or acquired brain two people are the same.   The only things that remain the same is everyone of them has goals that keep them moving forward and that I am inspired by each of them every single day.  

Obstacles and struggle and challenges are the norm.  Times of low motivation, schedule changes and unexpected life situations are, well, to be expected.  We all face challenges along the way.  It is how we choose to deal with these challenges, that determines the quality of our lives.

I would like to share some of my client stories with you as a way to motivate and inspire you as you create your own.  Sometimes, just knowing that someone else is working through the same things that you are is enough to help buoy you up.  I learn something from my clients every single day and  I would like to share some of this knowledge with you.  Watch for more client stories on the blog in the future.

Client Stories: Back on Track

Client profile:  Female, mid 50's, retired, new grandmother.  Compounding health conditions stemming from Fibromyalgia.  Loves to garden and walk/hike.  Goals: decrease pain, increase mobility, functional abilities.  Lose body fat, maintain lean body mass. 

Q: You made significant changes to your body composition and lost 11 pounds over the last 3 months!  How did you manage to make such significant changes?

It was made a little easier when others in my family joined me in making their own commitment to change. We don't all live in the same house but made the pact to keep in touch and encourage each other. We also choose a date a month down the road where we decided that we would go out and have a fancy meal and celebrate our first month success... The goal was to go a month without cheating - no sugar, no white stuff (bread etc) and no alcohol. Just clean eating... After that month we would go to one meal a week where we would have that glass a wine and dessert maybe.

Q: What strategies kept you on track?

I used an app on my phone ( and kept track of everything I put in my mouth. We all talked and emailed each other about what we were eating.. we exchanged recipes.. kept telling each other how much better we felt. I did keep thinking about that dinner date a month down the road and wanted to feel successful when that night came. I used my Clean Eating magazine as a good guide to what kinds of foods to eat and what a day of clean eating should look like.

Q: What did your nutrition plan look like?

Ate 5 - 6 small meals a day. Half way thru the 3 months - I actually cut wheat and a few other things out of my diet as I had been to a Naturopath physician and found out I was sensitive to them. I noticed quite a difference when I did that. It also caused me to eat more vegetables in place of the grains. I was working with the ND on healing my gut as I had been on many antibiotics in the past few years (taking probiotics etc.) Made sure I was getting enough fibre each day and healthy fats.  I love chocolate - so I ate a little square of organic dark chocolate every afternoon.

Q:  What obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them?

I have some physical limitations - so my workouts were modified.  But I just kept telling myself that every little bit helps. I may have been limited in what I could do physically.   But I did work within those limits regularly. And it worked :-). Proved to me that you don't have to be out running miles etc. to see changes in weight and overall fitness.

Q:  Any advice for others who are struggling to reach their weight loss goals?

You don't have to starve yourself... you need to eat often and eat good healthy foods. The most amazing thing about eating well is how you feel. Yes - you can lose weight too - but the difference in how you feel is powerful.   Food - the right food has so much power to improve our health. Get help if you need it from a professional - find a friend to join with you in your goals.

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