Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Video: Heart of the Wild

What a fun and challenging project this was to share with Mark Matthews! We had no idea what we were doing but when the host of the film festival asked us to submit a short 3-5min film as part of their community set, we jumped in of course! Mark did such an amazing job shooting and editing this first film and my adventurous 8 year old co-star, Taeia, stole the show. It is a fun story and we hope it inspires you to keep playing and living young at heart.

Our goal was to make something light-hearted and fun that inspires you to get out, explore nature, and remember what it’s like to be a child. While relatively lower in quality than a professional film, it’s high in style, and that’s what counts. If you really think about it, any media, whether music, photography, or film, isn’t so much about what you’re seeing and hearing, but rather what you’re feeling.

This idea for the film came about during a run. It was shot entirely with a GoPro and a stock Sony a6000 camera. Our lack of film making experience and equipment did not stop us from trying something completely new and challenging.


Mark Matthews- is a professional mountain biker from Vancouver Island. He’s developed a knack for highlighting exciting moments and inspiring others through his media projects and travels. However, he doesn’t consider himself a film maker and is usually in front of the lens, so this was a fun and challenging side project. You can find him on Instagram at @markymath.

Taeia Pendak- is a nature loving, artistic, yoga practicing 8-year old who loves everything to do with the outdoors. No "pretty" stone ever gets left behind and her ability to see beauty in everything is truly a gift.

Sarah Seads- is an adventure athlete, ultra-runner, global strength & endurance coach and a lover of all things wild. She is most at home when exploring and playing in nature and finds her bliss through connecting with the wilderness and sharing her adventures. Sarah’s mission in life is to spread stoke and inspire others to believe they are capable of reaching beyond the stars. You can catch her stoke over on Instagram at @wildseads

Cumberland, BC February 2018

We hope you enjoy our little film!  Happy Trails!


Melanie sakowski said...

Stunning, the vibe, the views, the energy. Namaste sweets

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I loved your short film! I like how the timeline toggles back and forth to the little girl and adult girl. They both seemed so free and happy in the woods.

Sarah said...

Thank you Melanie! We sure live in paradise!

Sarah said...

Thank you Anonymous!! So great to hear that you enjoyed our adventure:)