Sunday, April 8, 2018

Learn to Run...or Start Again!

Are you ready to run?  

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This post is for all of the runners who are starting out...or starting again. I’ve shared this advice a lot lately...spring has inspired many of my friends and clients to begin running...or to begin again! I love the energy that radiates from an inspired human! Let’s go!

The joy that comes from moving your body in the natural rhythm of running, can hardly be explained with words.  We truly were 'born to run' and our bodies thrive on the steady, smooth rhythm of moving from A to B.  Most people start running for health or bucket list reasons but every single one finds additional benefits once they begin their running journey. Running connects us with our bodies, with nature and with a beautiful community of humans that we share the path with.  We were made to move and connecting with this natural, primal aspect of being human, can ignite the spirit and light up the heart.  When we follow a smart training plan, we see successes week after week and month after month.  Our confidence grows.  Our belief expands.  We soon learn that we are capable of much more than we gave ourselves credit for.  After nearly 20 years of coaching runners I can honestly tell you that in the end, it isn't about running, at all.  It is about reaching beyond self perceived limits, experiencing immense personal growth and developing deeper connection, with ourselves, our environment and our community.  All of that, with the simple action of taking one step...and another...and another.

For those of you taking your first steps...
  • Those first steps are always the hardest. Keep going.
  • It will get easier after week five. I promise.  Keep going.
  • If it’s too hard, go slower. You shouldn't be able to hear your breath- you should be able to talk comfortably.  I know I know, it's hard to go that slow.  But do it.  Find the pace that allows you to keep going.
  • Running is a gift not a punishment. Physical activity is something we get to do...never something we have to do. Practice gratitude to help you keep going.
  • Explore. Play. Go on an adventure. Go find out what’s around the next corner. Keep going!

My top 3 running tips...

1. Run like a ninja. Like you are trying to sneak through the house quietly! Light, quiet steps.

2. 170-190 steps per minute. Get a metronome app (use my audio recording!) and count your steps per minute. Hit 170 spm - don’t run faster to do this, just go EASY (talking easily) pace and adjust your stride (likely a bit shorter) to match this step count. You can download music that is around 170-180bpm and run to that too. If you don’t do anything else with your form- do this! It will decrease the vertical loading force (impact) and make you more efficient.

3. Chillax! Take it easy, enjoy the experience, no rush, no speed requirement, just relax! Do a body scan every few minutes and look for tension. Then, relax and let it go... you will save energy and have a much more enjoyable start/return to running.

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Keep going!
Coach Sarah

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