Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday: Week in Pics

Peekabo Korky and Kathy! In the cabin on Cabin Fever above the Comox Lake Dam at our Thursday night Adventure Run!
ANOTHER GREAT WEEK (sun hasn't stopped bad can it be?). I have posted a few pics from our classes and adventures this week in Cumberland and at the Dam but you can check the rest out on our ELM Facebook page::
ORIENTEERING SATURDAY! Don't forget to come out to Nymph Falls on Saturday afternoon for a fun orienteering event for the whole family.
Starts go between 2 and 3pm and the course closes around 5pm so just turn up with $7 and you will get a map and a passport before heading out on the course to find your check points.
There are 3 course levels to play on and you will LOVE the scenery on your route!! It is a great park to play in with plenty of trails, beautiful swimming holes and scenic forests.
All participants will be entered into a draw to win some great prizes!!! Come practice your navigation skills and enjoy the afternoon with us on Saturday!
Come on out!
ADVENTURE RUNNING: Thursday night we went up up up into the mt bike trails above the Comox Lake Dam. My group made it all the way up to the old CABIN on Dirty Jane/Cabin Fever. GREAT WORK on the 4minute hill run speed intervals!!

Karen rips across a log bridge coming out of Cabin Fever...

Sharon Daly ready to lead us through a wonderful Yin Yoga class after our trail run...

RAT RIDE WEDS: My weekly rat ride (where I am not in charge and just play along with whatever the gang wants to do:) was up up up in the Cumberland trails. This shot is 3/4 of the way up the road to Bear Buns/Bucket. Not a very scenic clearcut but the view is fantastic! That is the Straight and the Coastal range in the distance.

SUNRISE BOOTCAMP TUESDAY/THURSDAY: These guys were troopers this week as I threw round after round of punishing crosstraining exercises at them. The scerery and cool morning air makes it all that much easier! Stay tuned for a little video from Thursdays workout...

I have a busy weekend filled with fun family and friends! Brads folks are coming out to visit, Leslie and I are setting and running the Orienteering course today and Saturday, and we are running 24k on Sunday with the ELM Endurance clinic!! F.U.N in the SUN!
Slop on some sunscreen ... it's gonna be a scorcher!

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