Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekend in Pics

I had a fantastic weekend filled with friends, family and fun! One of my goals for the summer was to not over plan every weekend so that there would be room for freestyle ad lib adventure...and relaxing of course! I just realized that I am getting 3 weekends at home in a row this month! Here is what happens when I get a weekend at home....my weekend in pics:


A good bye cake for our superstar leader Lisa who is moving to Saudi Arabia with her family next month! A HUGE adventure awaits her...

SATURDAY: Was back up to Snowden in Campbell River for more rippin and ridin on the 25k loop...just can't get enough! A good few hour ride with friends finished with a dip in McIver Lake! ...ooooops no pics!

SUNDAY was my kind of 'tryathlon'...

RUN 12k Nymph/Dam Loop with John Wall

BIKE the new and improved 'ConaCruncher' at the bottom of Mt. Washington with the rats...couple of v. fun hours and a few BIG climbs...

"SWIM" in Wolf Lake...well...my kind of swimming involves flip flops, slowly inching my way in, diving after threats of being pushed in, and screaming like a little girl after the shock of catching my breathe! 2 minutes max:)

Loads of rats were out on Sunday...12?
Andy glistening after the first climb...

What will this week bring? More biking, running and swimming and some unknown adventures I am sure!
Have a great week!

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