Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Canada Day Snowden Ride

Well well well look what we have here... a little video I just spliced together from a WICKED ride last Wednesday, Canada Day, up in Campbell River with my bud Pascale.

We decided to explore the Snowden forest and were lucky enough to meet up with Kevin and Jamie - who put on the CR 50K Challenge race on September 6th. You HAVE to check out this race if you like flowy never ending single track heaven to run or ride!

They gave us a great map showing the 25k loop (the race offers single, team of 2, choose from run or ride for the 50k) and we had an absolutely stellar ride that day! You can get a copy of the Snowden trail map from the website or from Shorerunners site.

We had an AMAZING ride minus a huge gash on my shin after a freak accident when my bike went nutzo, pulled a Calvin and Hobbs and full on attacked me. Serious! I wasn't even riding it at the time! It was one nasty crush injury that left me thinking about our emergency action plan for the day cause I thought my leg was broken. But, luckily it wasn't and after the shock wore off we dragged my sorry butt back to the parking lot through another 15k of trail. It is super hard to suffer when you are riding such swwweeeet single track so all was good!

The route has a mix of everything XC has to offer...rock outcrops, lush west coast forest, winding mossy single track that goes on and on and on and lakes to cool off in! We are pumped on the trails and I will be riding that loop a few more times in the very near future...


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Korky said...

Great video Sarah,ouch though!