Monday, February 28, 2011

Coastal Trek

Good times at the annual ELM Snowshoe & Coastal Trek Lodge Event!

The snow was absolutely perfect for our snowshoe trek up Forbidden Plateau. Cold temps made for light powder and a beautiful fresh snowfall all around us. We snowshoed up to the entrance of Strathcona Park / Becher trailhead, enjoyed a sip of hot cocoa then trekked back down all the way to Coastal Trek Lodge.

At the lodge we were greeted with warm smiles, hot drinks and fireside appies. After a rejuvinating stretch session it was time for a soak in the HOT hot tub before dinner. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to relax and unwind - some curled up by the fire with a book, others chatting in the hot tub...the perfect mix!

Dinner was a healthy and absolutely delicious mexican themed meal created by Andrea herself. Black bean soup and fresh halibut with quinoa, black bean salsa and greens made for a beautiful meal. Topped off with homebaked carrot cake and chocolate covered strawberries by the fire and you have a fabulous evening!

This year, we had the option of staying over and making a mini-retreat of the event and one couple took up the offer. It was hard to leave them sitting there by the fire! Bet they had a wonderful night at the lodge:)

Cheers to the next ELM event...Womens Fitness Retreat in Tofino June 24-26!!

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