Friday, November 14, 2008


Hello and Happy Friday!

What a crazy beautiful day we had in the Valley yesterday! Seriously...can you believe our luck? The photo above was taken down at the Comox Marina Park right after we wrapped up our ELM Sunrise Fitness Bootcamp class. Unreal! Check out the snow on the CV Glacier...
Yesterday I awoke to a massive harvest moon hanging in the sky right out my window and the day just got better after that! An amazing sunrise, a blue sky day and dry night for our Need for Speed Running Clinic.
Last night at N4S we had Movie Night complete with popcorn! No, we weren't watching the latest blockbuster. We were reviewing our running gait analysis videos and breaking down our form piece by piece. Watching yourself in action is such a fantastic took for identifying and correcting inefficient running form. We all have room for improvement and after reviewing the videos everyone has specific form 'homework' to work on this winter. Frequently, inefficient technique is directly related to muscular imbalances that limit us in the 3 running phases (push off, flight and support). Winter is the perfect time to work on these imbalances through strength and flexibility exercises ... so that we start the 2009 running season more efficient!
How's my form?

Have a great weekend!


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