Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Change has been on many minds over the past days, weeks and months. This BIG word applies to our everyday lives and hovers over our goals, our passions and our dreams regardless of it's recent use as a powerful political catch phrase.

Change is a word that frightens some and excites others. The more frequently we experience change the less anxiety we seem to have about it.

Change causes a stress response in the human body- be it good or bad.

Change can be a great thing. Change takes us to a new reality and with that our human experience expands and we grow...and grow...and grow...

You can only learn so much in one place. The more
that you wait...the more time that you waste.
- From a song on my

I grew up in a life full of change. I moved more than 20 times before I graduated from high school and making new school friends every few months was fine by me- it was my reality. Change is nothing new to me and I have always found it exciting and one of life's great adventures.

But as I get older I find that change comes less often in life...and the less we experience it the less we are comfortable with it and open to it. I see now that change is actually an important part of life- one that ensures our continued growth through successes and failures alike.

Change. Try something new. Step out of the 'box'. Get out of your 'comfort zone'. Whatever you call it.

You might be scared of probably have a fear of the unknown. But you will laugh about those fears one day...once you have overcome them and reached a new plateau...climbed a new peak...crossed a new valley...or...??? Step out. Cause just never know.

Thanks for listening to my deep thoughts for the day. I don't really know where that came from but what the hell!

Happy Sunny November 5th day!

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