Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"I feel a Need for Speeeed!"

Happy Wednesday!

I just got back from a fantastic run and I am bubbling over with inspiration and motivation. I have not run on my own in a very long while and it was a great opportunity to let my mind wander and weave with new ideas. I ran the base chip trail loop (approximately 3km) as a 3 part time trial session. During each loop a threw in a set of Pull Ups and Dips on the pre set workout stations. After 3 loops of progressively faster paces I was energized and full of workout ideas for my upcoming Need for Speed clinic!

Even though it means the end of evening trail running I am really looking forward to kicking off this annual clinic next Thursday, November 6th. I am looking forward to challenging running workouts that build speed and power. I am looking forward to hills, intervals and a good lung burn. Mostly I am looking forward to pushing my participants into new territory and watching their running fitness improve over the winter. There is nothing better than the whole body feeling of satisfaction that comes after a good hard workout!

I have lot's of ideas for running workouts that will keep things fun, interesting and motivating this winter. If you can run for 1 hour you are ready for this program. I hope you will join me!

FMI on the ELM Need for Speed program go to:
or just email me:)

Hope you are having a great week!

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