Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Thursday!

I LOVE Thursdays for some reason...rain or no rain!

Last night I tried something NEW...and when you think about it, we really don't get to experience as many novel experiences as we did when we were kids. Anyways I went night riding with my mountain biking crew! It was ... fun ... and ... dark ... and not as scary as I thought it would be. We hit all the regular technical trails in Cumberland and the light I was borrowing was super duper (and super expensive) so I could see nearly perfectly. It was very quiet and kind of peaceful out there in the dark...with little firefly bike lights dancing in the trees...definitely a unique experience.

Congratulations are in order! Here is what YOU are up to:
Ngaire, Tina and Darla ran the Victoria Half Marathon this past weekend! Hurray for you!
Liz Ellis took home gold at the Seniors games for a spectacular curling performance!
What have YOU been up to? Please keep me up to date so I can toot your deserve it!

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Happy Trails...


Pascale said...

Hey Sarah

Was it a bike lamp or a head lamp for mountain bikong (helmet lamp it is called I think ...)?

Would like to know more about it. I am about to buy one and just want to kno what you tested



Sarah said...

Hey Pascale! I think the best way to go is with a helmet light. Halogen or LED if you can get one bright enough. I can find out the type I was using and let you know...but it was around $500!! Apparently Simons has a really good one for about $400 right now. Yikes. What are you up to this weekend? Wanna get together?

Pascale said...


Thanks for the info

Tomorrow, Yasmine as a swim meet. the afternoon, I'm free

Let me know if you wanna ride :)


ps: I miss your rides Sarah :(