Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Happy Wednesday!

Last night I popped into the Ascent Physio clinic to meet the new Pre-Natal Fitness participants and snap some shots of the beaming moms to be. Kim Senechal, RPT, was leading the class through a functional circuit designed to keep moms fit and strong through their pregnancy. And even though the ladies were working hard it was smiles all around!
Pre-Natal Fitness Moms to Be!

Multi-station circuits...

Bicep Curls on the ball...

And, at last, it is stretch time...

After Kim wrapped up Pre-Natal Fitness, it was time for her to do the 'Injury Prevention Chat' for our Womens Learn to Run group. Rae Walsh and her participants had the opportunity to check out the physio clinic and ask Kim their injury prevention/treatment questions. After the chat, Rae and leader Alma led the crew through a great Comox run!

Learn to Run participants ready to rock!

Have a great week!


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The Sénéchals said...

Wow! Fantastic pics Sarah. You managed to make us Mom's look rather fit and trim! (Which is our goal of course). It has been so fun doing the prenatal class...can't wait for the next one!