Sunday, November 16, 2008

Biking and Baking

I am winding down from a fantastic weekend filled with buddies, biking and baking:)

I went for a great ride with Lene on Saturday out in Cumberland. We hit all the classic lower XC trails and then added a little climb up across Sykes bridge and over to the Allan Lake trails for a fantastic 'hammer' ride. On the homestretch while grinding through Spanker I hit a tree with my arm and realized that I was no longer wearing my arm pads...I had taken them off near the start of the ride to take off my jacket and left them on the trail! Ahhhhrrrr. So we rode up the road and hoped that they would still be such luck. Cursing myself, cursing the dirty thief and praying that perhaps a kind soul had actually picked them up and turned them in to the bike shop we rode out via the oh-so classic Broncos Perseverance.

We jumped into the van and were just leaving the parking lot when I spied a walker with 2 huskies and an odd leash set up... He had my arm pads wrapped around his dog leash between the 2 dogs! I JUMPED out of the van squeeling with joy and gave the dogs big pats to thank them (and the man) for bringing out my armour. Thank you hiker man! You racked up some serious karma credit that day:) I hope someone did something nice for you too:) Yippee ... lucky me!

On Sunday, today, (after a LATE Saturday night reminiscing with friends Cathy and Pete about our visit to Nicaragua last year **see footnote: rum**) I met up with my Rat buddies at Nymph for a fantastic 3.5 hour fall ride: Up Forbidden...down 2 Sheiks...Cabin Fever...Dirty Jane...back up Plunge...down Johns Trail...Cable Hill...Cliffe Ave...then through the mess of lower XC trails and home via the Bears Bait...phew! It was SUPER warm ... crazy for mid November! I had my new winter booties and winter gloves and was way overdressed (so nice ). I had a great ride for some reason...riding quite a few 'firsts' down steeps...over big logs and across skinny's. I think it is my new 'magic boots'. Well, I look like freakin Peter Pan when I wear them so there you go!

This afternoon I got to work on my Christmas baking and filled the house with the smell of chocolate gingerbread- all natural goodness! I am going on a family vacation on December 13th (think the Griswold's Mexican Christmas Cruise Vacation) so I need to get a head start...only 3 more baking weekends! Those who know me know that I love to bake and share homemade goodies with natural, fresh ingredients. I am a firm believer in Moderation...not deprivation... so go on...!

I am stoked for more riding this week (I would ride everyday if I could) and have started thinking about adding some bike races to my 2009 calendar as a way to challenge and push my riding. We shall see...this week I plan to plan my 2009 calendar...and I would love to do something new...stay tuned!

Happy Sunday:)

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Cindy said...

Sounds like some epic rides. Maybe there was something in the air this weekend. Kim and I did a 30km run (started out as a 27) but all felt so good and even after the run still lots of energy. Wishing more epic rides for you and runs for me during this beautiful fall weather.