Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dirt Divas

Pascale (left) and Barb at the Riding Fool Hostel bikewash in Cumberland.

What a great week! I keep saying this but...I can't believe how lucky we are with this weather! Just perfect for playing outside:) On Tuesday morning our Fall Bootcamp program wrapped up wtih a final assessment to chart the groups progress over the past 10 weeks. It was good news all around and the crew saw improvements in their overall strength, endurance and body composition. GREAT WORK! We will be carrying on next week for 2 weeks of Holiday Sunrise Bootcamp to raise $ for our annual hamper drive. We are sponsoring 2 families and every little bit adds up. Come out for 4 more workouts during December - suggested donation $10-15 per class with all proceeds going to our adopted families!
On Tuesday afternoon I took off for the XC trails of Cumberland with my good friends Pascale and Barb. We had a blast! Lot's of big mud puddles to stomp in and plenty of whoooo hoooos to shout as we made our way through the trails. We rode a fun classic loop: 2nJuice...Buggered Pig...Short and Curly...Shaker...Entrails...Soggy Biscuit...Mats...Space wash! Good times good times. After the ride I picked up some tickets for the Dehli 2 Dublin show at the Waverly this Saturday. I have always wanted to hear these guys and I think it should be a good show!
More to blog soon...

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