Monday, June 22, 2009


Hello Friends of ELM!
If you are reading this blog you should also be an ELM Fan! Go there right now if you are not yet following my updates on Facebook! This is where all the in betweeny (tweet style) updates are...and you don't want to miss a thing...
Updates from the blog and the ELM page will be sent directly to your facebook homepage...

And while I am being all techy you HAVE to check out my new fav. program that is totally free and will save you a tonne of surf time every day:: Google Reader. Yes, I am sure you have already heard of it and have it all set up... If not, go to Google and get it going asap!

It is like a homepage for all of your fav blogs and tweets you never have to go searching for updates again! You just set it as your homepage, enter your fav blogs and voila it shows you a list of which blogs have been updated and you can view them all right there. Go are procrastinating doing something much more important right not anyways...


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