Friday, June 12, 2009


It is another sunshiney day on our island paradise:) I have had a great week post- FMIJ getting caught up on sleep and ELM happenings. The FMIJ results have just been posted and I promise I will still do a post FMIJ race report once I get all my photos from my TEAM!! HINT HINT!

I am off to Vic today to celebrate my birthday with my 'twin' sister Dani (well, she was actually my 4th birthday present) and our famdamily...can't wait!

Here are some health headline tidbits for this weeks ELM Q&A from my monthly issue of Fitness Business Canada::

Moderate Weight Loss Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
Evidence shows that even a moderate weight reduction in obese people could save them a lifetime of health problems, especially heart disease. (Methodist DeBakery Heart & Vascular Centre in Houston)

Exercise Lowers Risk of Colon Cancer
Researchers at Washington University School of Medicince in St. Louis and Harvard combined and analyzed several decades worth of data on how exercise affects colon cancer risk. They found that people who exercised the most were 24 percent less likely to develop the disease than those who exercised the least.

Keeping Fit Improves Spatial Memory, Increases Size of Brain Structure
Researchers have found that elderly adults who are more physically fit tend to have bigger hippocampi and better spatial memory than those who are less fit. The study, in the journal Hippocampus, shows that hippocampus size in physically fit adults accounts for about 40% of their advantage in spatial memory.

My Week in Pics
Below are a couple of race shots and my week in pics...

Walking up to Transition 2 after the 'inflatable kayak' paddle down the Columbia River...I look like I'm about 7 months pregnant...

Celebrating with a little insanity at TA 1 after surviving 13hours of trekking - Marc was a trouper with that bum knee! Andy finally get's his coke...Shawn is a crazy man...Marc is soooo ready to get on his bike:) I am eating an Eatmore and collapsed on the grass taking photo...

My birthday was the perfect day! A hot dry night for a bikeride led to a refreshing swim in Allan lake with the boys. Thanks for a great ride!
Our trusty 'steeds' await while we frolick in the warm lake...
Bootcamp recruits gettenerdone on Thursday morning at Simms Park!

Mean trainer Sarah made them do drills during their 'REST' interval between hard runs...


Have a great weekend!


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