Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sunrise at the Comox Marina

This Tuesday we kicked off the sunrise session of our Summer Fitness Bootcamp program at the beautiful Comox Marina Park. Park neighbours woke up to the sight of sweaty recruits working their tails off at 6am before the heat of the day. This is a special time to be outside and a great time of day to get your workout in if you can. Check out the Bootcamp schedule online and drop in on us this summer!

Maureen... pounding out playground reverse push-ups.

Lynn...still smiling during her crunches!
Tom and right on cue during torso rotations.

Tom...working his agility.

Workouts are always different to keep things fresh and combat never know what to expect! You can expect a full body, challenging workout that takes advantage of the equipment that the environment provides. Get outside!

Janine...doing her push ups at sunrise.

Chris... trying to keep up with coach Vicki on a shadow drill.

Hope to see you out this summer!



1 comment:

CVMHA said...

That was a great morning!!.... despite.... (or maybe because of) my first playground skinned knee in 4 decades. Thanks for Great Week Sarah and Vicki, Tom