Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back at 'er

Meow. If I do get to come back again...I better be a cat. Sleep for 15 hours a day and roll around in patches of sunshine for the remaining time. The good life. And yes, if my cat looks crazy...that is because she is. Tesu: 'Trouble' in Japanese. has been a great week...I am back on the horse (aka bike) after Kusam run training and a couple of rest weeks pre and post race. A long weekend makes for a short week and there was plenty of time to fit in training this week. Here is where I am at so far:

Sunday: The best ride all year. Cumberland 2.5 or 3 hours. UP the road to the top of the lake... then down the new Bucket downhill trail. Since Timberwest logged the old Bucket trail 2 very hard working Rats (Al and Terry Kudos to ya and a BIG thank you:)) have all but rebuilt a route from the top connecting to Broadway. But this trail is BETTER- in my XC opinion:) sorry Tim... as it descends in a forest band right on the edge of the Perseverance Creek with views worthy of a momentary pause. This trail is still under construction and needs some riders to pack it down but it sure is a beauty...super flow:)

Monday: Run 60 minutes Trail Speed intervals. Resistance Training

Tuesday: Best ride all year...I swear! We actually oh my gosh i can't believe i am writing this Shhhhh...shuttled....up to Forbidden and enjoyed a wicked 2 hour downhill XC ride feeling fresh as daisy's after avoiding the 1hour road climb in the hot hot sun. Do you forgive me? This was a first for my biking gang but in the name of our great nation on Canada Day we opted for twice the fun and half the work! Hurray! Took 2 Sheiks to Cabin Fever then linked onto Dirty Jane and then home via the new route! Home for lunch then down to Comox Valley Kayaks for a quick training paddle out to Comox and back...1.5hours of sun and fun:)
Wednesday: Best ride- well ok it was really get the idea:) 2 hours Cumberland BIG climb and hikeabike up to the lake...sweet DIP in the lake...for the record Cumberland residents I swear I did not pee in your water source:) Then down the new Bucket and over the creek into NEW territory for me...Tea Pot! These trails were introduced during the BC Bike race Cumberland stage this week and they were also just introduced to me! Soooooooo super fun. I must go back soon!
Thursday: Trail Run/Trek Cumberland 2hours. Up up up to the new trails above Allan Lake (which link into Tea Pot and Steam Donkey) then across the creek (reverse of yesterday) then up up up the new Bucket- sorry Terry and Al I don't think you have named this one yet? To the lake for a splash (been here alot this week) and back downhill all the way home. Scouting out routes for the summer Adventure Running clinic! Get set for some great views...well worth the climb:)
Friday: Sunrise bike Cumberland 1.5hours Lower XC trails...super fun:) Then straight out for a paddle with friends from CVKayaks to Comox...1.5hours then the weather blew up on us and we had to hightail it out of there!
Saturday: REST and MOMAR 101...details to come...
Phew...16km run with the ELM Half Marathon Clinic tomorrow morning...

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