Sunday, July 20, 2008

1 Week until MOMAR Shawnigan!

Less than a week to go until my second AR of the season- MOMAR Shawnigan! This was a new venue for MOMAR last year and it included more water events than any other race I have been in. Not really a swimmer or real water baby myself (yes, I am a divemaster and surfer but hey that's different than swimming!) I was pleasantly suprised by how fun and super refreshing these legs in the race were. If it is hot next weekend then I will be loving the river run and quarry swim I am sure. I haven't heard a call for mandatory 'floatation devices' this year but you never know what Bryan, the race organizer will pull out of his hat...
I am looking forward to the race weekend- spending Friday in Vic then hanging with my family at my Dads place in Crofton on Saturday after the race. BBQ and flip flop weekend...oh and the race of course! AR's are hard work but they are such an excellent way to spend a good chunk of your day that they don't seem like work at all. I am looking forward to the challenge of the orienteering section also- I just love a good scavenger hunt! Should be a fun day!

Racers in the 2007 Shawnigan race- swimming the quarry section with all sorts of personal floats.

So, my last week of training (before this weeks 'taper') included:

Monday- XC Bike 80minutes ... Resistance T.

Tuesday- rest?!

Weds- 1:45hr Mt Bike with big CLIMB up Cumberland then the downhill course- (cupcake, bakers dozen, DHC, spanker, mats trail, space nugget) ...Resistance T.

Thurs - Hill repeats at NE Woods with Adventure Running class...70 minutes...outdoor YOGA with my Yoga-Fit class and Sharon good:)

Friday- Bike 90 mins XC Cumberland MOMAR fun!...Kayak 60 minutes trying out race boats at Comox Valley Kayaks. Trying to decide between a couple boats...paddling them back to back allowed me to see the difference between them. Also, been using a friend, Jacks' carbon wingblade paddle which is super light and pulls a tonne of water.

Saturday- Bike 90 minutes XC

Sunday- Bike 90minutes XC then run 5km trail while leading my Half Marathon clinic!

Phew...time to make dinner...and fuel up!

What a beautiful week and relaxing weekend!


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