Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MOMAR Shawnigan Last Word

Well, there was some serious confusion around the penalty for missed checkpoints on the O-course this past weekend at the MOMAR Shawnigan. Reading another Blog I noted the author was also under the impression that missed CPs on this section would not affect your ranking, but rather just dock you time. So...I checked the racer information package and under the rules section it quotes:
"*Please note that for the Shawnigan MOMAR, the Orienteering Stage has time penalties for missed CPs (20minutes per CP) and does not factor into the total CP count."

I noticed that I had been ranked below teams who were slower (7 teams to be exact) but who collected all the O-course CPs. So...I emailed Bryan (race director) to point out the discrepency. He was hit out of left field and had not realized his mistake- stating he would correct the rankings and update the results. But... he has decided not to make the changes after all - remembering that he had not outlined this detail in the pre-race briefing. Hmmm.

All I will say is I am... um...disappointed but what can you do? I have heard many stories of misunderstanding and miscommunication between race organizers and racers in the past and I suppose this is one more variable in the crazy world of adventure racing. There are so many things that are out of your control that sometimes you just have to let them go...

The good news is I hold the 1st place solo female title...so it really isn't a big deal but...7 places!

Anyways..that is my final gripe...and it is really the ONLY complaint I have ever had about a MOMAR race in the 6 (or 7?) years that I have been racing in these excellent events. I guess Bryan is human afterall.
Esta bien.

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