Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ELM Superstars

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate some serious ELM superstars on their recent race accomplishments! Many of our participants are super stoked on racing this season and have been working and playing hard to meet their race goals.

Kuddos to Lo Lanning on her steller performance at the Victoria 1/2 Iron- shaving off precious minutes in her races this year and recovering that much faster. Way to go Lo!

Congrats to Lisa, Chris and Lynn for racing the Nanaimo Gutbuster at Westwood lake this summer! Lisa and Lynn both said the same thing...that was easier and I was way faster than last year! Superstars- thanks for showing your support for ELM by wearing your fast and furious jerseys!

Next Up...MOMAR this weekend (don't think there are any ELM participants joining me down there?)...XTC off road triathlon in Campbell River August 10th...Gutbuster Mt Washington Ascent August 9th (Connie W you are a sucker for punishment to do this the day before the half!)...Log Train Trail Race 1/2 marathon in Port Alberni August 17th... Looking forward to hearing your race reports and catching you in action!



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