Thursday, July 31, 2008

No biking for me:(

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday I loaded my bike in the car with plans to ride with my Weds eve crew in Cumberland after work. forearm would have none of that. By 3:30, even the tensor bandage and IBP couldn't hide the fact that I have tendinitis in my wrist extensors on the right hand. Although I was rip roaring ready to go and my bike was looking up at me anxiously I had to accept reality and bite the bullet. When I tried to write at a meeting just before the planned ride and found I couldn't write my name as well as a 4 year old- it was an easy call. So...I shouldn't spend too much more time typing so I can last the day today...

But wanted to blog that I came home and went out for a FANTASTIC run in my back trails...sun came out...ran my viewpoint trail...did a hard time trial in pure anaerobic threshold land...and my legs felt sooooo good:) The best part were the tunes that kept me pushing that hard pace and didn't let me skip a beat so to speak: DJ Champion...check it out on Limewire or Itunes!

Gotta go find my wrist gaurds to splint this arm...


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