Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Sunshine!

What a glorious day! I was up and ready to ride this morning with a blue sky as motivation. Met my rat buddies (just in time) to find out we were heading for Cumberland and snowdusted cross country trails. We did a classic Sunday XC ride connecting the following trails:
TwoandaJuice...Buggered Pig...ShortandCurly...Twister...Entrails...SoggyBiscuit...MatsTrail...SpaceNugget...home! The trails were super mushy with the spring freeze-thaw patterns we have been living with over the past couple of weeks. So it was a mix of snow, slush, thick gooey mud and clear stretches. If you have ever ridden in sand then you know what a great workout it is for the quads! 1.5hours later we dipped our bikes in a pond to wash off the grime and made our way back to the parking lot.
My muddy buddies transitioned their way to the pub for beer and nachos and I, however, transitioned out of my armour and into my running shoes for the second half of my workout. Sigh. "Anyone want to join me for a short run?" Silence. Sigh. The lonely life of a solo adventure racer. Alas...Off I went to the dump trails for a 1hour run and off they went to the pub. One foot in front of the other and within a few minutes my legs loosened up and I was trotting through the beautiful sunshiney dumpside trails including: Penrith Alley & Cherry Picker. I had heard rumours of new logging in the area and wanted to check out the changes...and I found them. Suddenly I found myself at the end of an old fav. trail and the start of clearcut land. Yuck. But, what can I say...I wipe my but with t.p. too. So, I decided to trek across the clearcut through the slash and it brought back some bitter sweet memories of my tree-planting adventures. Sigh. Cutting across clearcuts is not always the fastest route. But I must admit I have pretty good 'bush-legs' and have always been able to dance my way through slash without too many 4 letter words. The view is changed here...clearcuts do provide excellent panoramic vistas...And of course, amongst all of the destruction there are the little ones to provide inspiration and hope for a brighter future...seedlings:)
2.5hours later I go home...shower...stretch...pick up cinnamon buns from Becky's bakery and head to my cousins home for lunch. These buns are as good a reason as any to run that extra hour:)
Happy Trails,


Karen said...

I'm loving all the blog posts these days - thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Well Karen I must tell you that YOU inspire me to blog more:O So...thanks!

Korky said...

Hi Sarah enjoy your blog. Lisa and I tried to run the Persaverance(sp) today and there sure is alot of logging! We had a great run and climb!